Professional 6 String Fretless Bass Guitar w/ Lines – $1000 –

I dont Think I Have Ever Seen One Like This But What Do I Know ?
I Do However Know The Brands Of Some Of The Parts On This Guitar…..
A very sought after Player’s Bass I have to sell. You won’t find an instrument with such ergonomic appointments as this bass. Such as 100% Fretboard Accessibility giving you complete access to the entire fretboard for tapping, chordal work, slapping or just straight up traditional groove. I have played against Warwick, Ken Smith, Tobias, Modulas, MTD, Jackson, Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Schechter, Sadowsky, Zon, Pedulla, Warrior, Roscoe, and the list goes on…and in every case it out plays them all. • BODY: light weight Ash • NECK: Hardrock Maple w/ Dual Trussrod • FRETBOARD: Rosewood w/ Lined Fret Markers (inserted into the fretboard) • COLOR: Ebony Stain w/Wax Hand Rubbed into the wood • ELECTRONICS: Seymour Duncan ASB2-6 Active Phase II Soapbar Pickups w/ a STC-3SB 3 Band Tone Circuit (Steve Bailey worked with Seymour Duncan to create this pre-amp specifically designed for the fretless bass to enhance harmonics and increased sustain): 18v System THAT GROWLS • HARDWARE: All Gold Tuning Keys, Bridge and All Control Knobs • SOUND: Tone is traditionally voiced and warm with a detailed and natural high end, yet provides a harder attack and a modern, hi-fi tone with a smooth and broad response. Unique design delivers the punch of a single-coil, without the hum, articulating mid-range with no harshness. • EXTRA GEAR: Includes New SKB Case, SR2000 Dean Markley Bass Strings, Levy Premier Garment Leather Strap, and Bass Cable. Asking $1000 OBO

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