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Life In The Bass Lane Edition 09/01/10

Follow Up On Fast Movers :

As some of you already know we have a category called fast movers here at And its called Fast movers this  category is about certain posts on our site that are marked Fast Movers in red,

They are bass’s we run across that people are selling,

The reason they are fast movers is because if :

You are interested in the bass in question we,

At will do our best to help you land the bass of your dreams. Now there are no guarantees ,

As we do not own the bass’s, usually…. but we will do our best to help, But you have to move Fast.

And We Will Too.

And We do this as a free service 100%.

All we ask is a feedback comment on our site, Successful or not just comment OK.

All you do is if you see in RED Writing on a post that says Fast Mover right away check the date of the post,

Make sure it might be do able.

We do not go back thru our posts and delete the fast movers tags. Just Lazy I Guess. So on the safe side I would say if its older than 10 – 15 days probably forget it

But we totally understand if that bass keeps you up at night thinking about it. Then You Make The Call.

If All Those points check out Contact Us by email or comment on site, As we get notified immediately and we do monitor O.K.

Preview ……….. J Worrell Bass Pickups …….

We are Proud to announce a new partner in our  World here at Best in Bass Guitars

That Is JWorrellBass  and they build beautiful Custom Bass Guitars, Also they custom build some killer bass guitar pickups,

And this editor knows first hand about the power and quality that goes into JWorrellBass Pickups.

Because I happen to have one installed in one of my very own personal bass’s, and all I can say right now is WOW,

Because a full review is coming on site next week, Be sure to catch this, It will excite you.

Updated Strings Section..

We have updated our strings section, We made another massive update to our bestbassstrings section of the site,

We added a lot more strings, Plus you can now get just single string of most popular brands, Our String Section

We had a lot of requests for individual strings now it is reality could not get all the string builders to go with us on this but we got a lot of them still working on more,

Hopefully your brand will be in the group if you like buying single strings, Hey I totally understand strings of the Bass Guitar kind are not cheap and some of us tend to wear out certain strings faster,

And accidents happen too. I have broke single brand new strings just installing them. Pull the core out or something like that.

About our String Section why it came to be:

Way back when I first got online I did a dumb thing I bought some damn thing online don’t recall right now.

But my personal financial info got lifted, And It cost me and my family a lot of cash before I caught it.

And I had to go in front of the war dept. at my house (my wife) And repeat many times , Just how stupid and dumb I was, Before I ever got my cards back.

So learning a hard lesson, I Did indeed,

So Now a days I am much more careful, But still the convenience and selection of online shopping is very hard to resist,

That brings me to the bass guitar strings issue,

As I said I found it hard to find all the strings I wanted in one secure spot.

A lot of sites did not sell every brand I liked or did not seem secure enough for my liking. With That Said I presented my problem to Amazon.

After all who does not trust Amazon right , So They agreed to find every Bass Guitar String I Wanted or my Friends wanted or whatever, And supply them to me thru my site.

I’m thinking wonder what this is going to cost. To my huge surprise our strings are a lot cheaper, Than most any other site, I have bought from in the past.

We have got about every Bass Guitar String you can imagine now, Half rounds,flats,steel core,stainless steel,nickel coated, nylon coated, pure rubber ashbory strings,100% solid gold plated strings,

You Name it I would be surprised if we did not have it. We have over 540 different strings for the Bass Guitar. And Like I Said who does not trust Amazon as far as Security goes.

And To make it even better Super Fast Shipping, As I Tried it out for the sake of this article It Took 3 days from the order to on my porch. Hey People I Will not complain about that if I don’t have to drive all over Gods creation to track down the strings I Need.

Well This News Letter Is Getting Quite Long….

The Rest Will Have To Wait

Later Stay Low

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