Midrange – Cocaine – At Kyra, Bangalore

MIDRANGE – The Band MIDRANGE is a Rock and Roll, Bangalore based band. The band plays music from the classics of the early 1970’s to Modern Progressive Rock. The members have been strongly influenced by the likes of The Beatles, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Uriah Heep, Doors, Pink Floyd, Santana, AC/DC, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Guns ‘n Roses, Queen, to name a few, apart from their own compositions. The band was formed in 1988 as “APOCRYPHA”, with Tony (Bass/Vocals), Ajit (Keyboards), Dominic (Drums/Vocals) and Angelo (Guitars/Vocals). The band played at many clubs, pubs and live gigs, also on Television (Doordarshan) and Radio. We had renamed ourselves “MIDRANGE”, as people had difficulties pronouncing “APOCRYPHA”. In 1992, the band changed its name to “MIDRANGE” to reflect the kind of music played, which was a combination of soft to hard. The band had a small change in the line up with Tony being replaced by Sarat (Bass), Sidney (Vocals), Ajit (Keyboards), Dominic (Drums/Vocals), Angelo (Guitars/Vocals). The band continued to perform at the local circuit, also the band played at the Bangalore Golf Club, RSI, ASMT, KMC Greens (Manipal), Anna Stadium (Ooty), SSIT (Tumkur). Interviewed & had their own compositions played on FM91 radio and so on. The band had begun to compose their own music since 1996, their music had various reviews in leading publications and the members of the band were also interviewed and aired on the SITI channel TV. Also the band has composed Jingles on

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Midrange – Cocaine – At Kyra, Bangalore

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