Memorial Day Is Remembering

Sitting around Today not doing a hell of a lot.

Memorial Day Is



And thinking about Memorial Day, I realize we are supposed to remember and honor our dead service members, And thank them for the ultimate sacrifice and service to our country. Also I take a little time to honor and remember my own family members who have passed, And just what it is I have taken away from the relationships they shared with me. And reflect on how my children will recall their memories of me when I too shall pass. Am I leaving this life after instilling in my loved ones what meant so very much to me.?  Or will they have to wonder and search for what made me tick? Will they have to guess, What were my true passions ?

Not if I can help it. After all I did manage to live to see at least 2013, As this post is evidence of that. With that said I want them to know about another of my passions the link speaks for its self .

Happy Memorial Day Everyone………..  The Player  (*!*)

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