What Started use of The Bass Guitar For Bands

The early Bass Guitar. Was and still is a work in progress, Many different configurations have come and gone,

And many different ways of playing and tuning have been tried and used. 1 string,2 string,4 and 5 and 6 all the way to 8 or 9 strings.Have been adapted.

Different tunings and even DeTunings.

De-tuners, are mechanical devices operated by the thumb on the fretting hand that allow one or more strings to be quickly de-tuned to a different pitch. Usually 1 or more notes up or down so if the de-tuner was on a certain string you could take it up to 2 strings in pitch

Normally de-tuners are put on a 4string on the E string when you flip it or release it it drops the E string to a D.

Allot Of this type of playing was used in the Mowtown days .Back When the Styles Of The electric Bass Guitar Were first being developed.

After All the Electric Bass Guitar Is very young in age compared to most of other instruments.The First Electric Bass Guitar Arrived around 1949,

But Did Not Really take ,The Concept soon became a great addition to any Band by filling in without a big bulky bodied   Bass Viola or even the giant tuba.Then using The electric Bass Guitar,for the new rock n roll sound really took hold in the mid fifty`s .

When rock n roll  began to be firmly planted on the  Live stages of America,So did the Electric Bass Guitar ,At first mostly just because the size of the huge Bass Viola`s Were just so cumbersome ,

And expensive, Many Rock n Roll bands could not afford a big Bass Viola,And many were shared between bands, or even Record companies might own one  Upright Bass to be played by many Musicians.

And availability of the Bass could have been a good reason many bands gladly grabbed on to the new Electric Bass Guitar.

Then We needed a Bass Amp as it was soon learned,Regular Guitar Amp Speakers were just not going to hold up to the lower Octave of the Bass.

Around the time of the mid 50`s to early 60`s. Electric Bass Guitars started to be seen more and more , Played by Rock and Motown and R and B Groups  Then  early 60`s came Elvis, The Motown Crowd, And Bands like The Birds  And Lil Richard, Chuck Berry , Ike Turner were some of the very first acts to feature a full time Electric Bass Guitars in the lineup..

With the mid to late 60`s and on to the  Seventies ,came the British Invasion, And not just the Beatles,Although Paul McCartney was probably the first really followed and famous Bass Guitar Player.There were many others. The Stones,The Who, Cream,Led Zeppelin,Doors,Hendrix,In fact The whole genre of the Blues owes a great part of its sound to the Electric Bass Guitar.

So with all that said and much much more not said,The Electric Bass Guitar Brought to us by Leo Fender In 1951 was not just A great  invention by Fender but proved to be a very Important part of American Music. And at such a young age The Electric Bass Guitar is for sure Here To Stay……..                 (*!*) Learn To Play …And Play For Keeps..

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