3 thoughts on “Rare Late 60’s Apollo Viola Bass,

  1. Ya ….it 2 years to find the second one that didn’t get snatched up ahead of me! There is one in Phoenix for sale on bidbut if you wanna look. The neck pup has been changed out but wortha look @ $300. Also, to help you search identical models were built by Aria (#1930) and imported to U.S. under licensed names Orlando, Apollo, & Ventura (#V2100) . The pickups are nice thumper passives and they have a great “woody” tone! Hope this helps!

  2. These are great basses if you find one in good shape. I own a couple and love them. People should be aware it has a 32″ scale. You may not be aware that hey have a beautiful scrolled head stock which appears to have been cut off yours. Other wise, it looks original except the control knobs. Good luck!

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