Kustom Groove 1200 head & 8×10

Kustom Groove 1200 head & 8×10 cab – $1000

Date: 2010-10-27


* PRICE LOWERED to $1000.00 FOR THE STACK * This is Shaun the ex bassist for Silent Civilian and I am looking to sell some bass gear..

I have 2 items for sale that were actually owned by Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue!

This Kustom gear was Nikki’s and was given to the band I believe or purchased from him by the band… Regardless…

I am moving on to better things and I have no use for these items anymore.

Both items can be purchased seperatly or together I don’t care. I’ll sell the stack complete for $1200 or $700 for the head and $600 for the cab OR make me an offer 🙂 I like money 🙂 ***** I’ll sell the stack for $1,000.00 or $600.00 for the head & $500.00 for the cab *****

I am also including model numbers so you can research for yourself and keep in mind that this is all professional gear and not some shitty garage equipment… this is Ampeg SVT 4 Pro sounding gear 🙂

Kustom Groove Bass Head 1200 watts . The model # is ” KUSTOM GROOVE 1200 ” Rack mountable and in perfect working condition. Cosmetically I give it a 9.5 out of 10.

Kustom Groove Bass 8 x 10 Cab . The model # is ” GROOVE 810H ” Has wheels and handle. Works awesome! Cosmetically I give it a 3 out of 10 due to heavy touring and plenty of use 🙂 The looks of this cab do not affect its functionality.

So that’s it. If you’re looking for Ampeg SVT-4 PRO power in a bass head and cab then this is what you need for less cost. Let me know what you think. I accept cash 🙂 Maybe trade? Once you play through it you’ll realize why you need it 🙂 Someone take this off my hands soon please…

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