Ibanez BTB405 bass

Ibanez BTB405 bass with SKB case – $300

Date: 2011-07-02

Ibanez BTB405 bass

Up for sale is a beautiful Ibanez BTB405QM bass with a well-used, yet indestructible SKB hardshell case. The bass is one of Ibanez’s higher end models, which features a wider neck (wider string spacing, which makes transitioning from 4 to 5 strings much easier), 35″ neck, passive pickups with 18V active eq wich consists of bass, treble, and mid boost with a sweep knob (allows you to dial in anything from an old-school Fender P bass sound, to a modern slap tone, or even a heel-down wah-wah sound). The bass is in extremely good cosmetic condition, and has been professionally intonated and set up. Has a newer set of Elixer strings, which still sound bright and crisp. These basses sell used for upwards of $500 used, but due to a very expensive move and the fact that I really don’t play anymore, I need to sell this thing ASAP. It’s a hell of a deal for a hell of a bass!



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