I Feel Better



You Know since I started playing the bass guitar, a little Short Longbestinbassguitars.comlogo

time ago.
I Feel better, No really I swear I Feel better physically, This Might Sound
Like a crock of doodle but I have for real Noticed feeling alot better,

I`m not sure if maybe the vibrations from the bass are causing this or what. But I Like it. Hey At My Age You Take All The Good Feelings You Can Get. Seems The Love Of My Life Forgot I Even Exsist
Thats Another Story

But hey its great, You will never pry my Bass out of my hands. Its Part of my life.
I Just WISH I Would have found it sooner in life. But Hey take what comes to you.
And keep what you like.

I always did like the bass sound ,Starting in grade school playing the Bass Drum, Then on to blowing up every body`s car radio`s by turning up the bass sound and blasting it. Same with the T. V.

And everything else that makes sound, Just never could get enough Bass


And the Bass Guitar ranks right up to the top,

Right after my wife and kids that is. Are you listening Honey ?
Ha Ha Yuk Yuk Ta Ta Start The Car. Lets Go !

And my new found friends in our garage band. We are all about the same age.
The other guy`s have been playing most of thier lives.

But I`m very fortunate they put up with me. But they say they cannot
do it with out me. So I Must stay. Thats a great feeling, To know someone
wants you around just for the artistic contribution that I Add to the mix.

If you have a desire or passion you want to go after. Dont let anything stop you.

You will surely miss out on some great times, And in my case,
Some wonderfull new friends that are all very talented special people
that I`m lucky to have got to meet. And very important Some great tunes.
And Vibes from my new passion the electric Bass Guitar.

The New Me  .…………….. ThePlayer


A Repost of a post in 2002

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