HomeSpun Blues

I Have been checking out some homespun Blues Technics ,And yes these are a Blues Guitar Technics, But Let me say this

This is very valuable information for your playing arsonal,As a Bassist Or Even A Blues guitar Player, or Just aboutAnyone who plays any type of Blues, Even Harmonica cause you really feel the structure.This Guy Really Makes the song structure eazy to understand, Gives you great feeling that you could easily with some practice, Be able to play this Mississippi Delta Type Blues on your Bass Or Anything else. He is really a good easy to understand teacher, Go check him out then follow this guy, You Will Learn alot I did.


Then You Can Go Check This One Out while we are on the subject  you can learn how the great blues guitar players play the slow oldtime blues. The Down Home Mississippi Delta Blues. Its All Laid Out For You On Video Just Watch The Finger Work Over And Over, No Fail Way To Learn Guitar Blues, Right At Home. This Is A Piece Of Cake Even For A Bass Player Like Me Check It Out Then Signup For Your Own Lessons, This Is A Great Free Way To Learn Some Wonderfull
Licks In Fast Mode. Really Do It Right At Home.
Just Scroll Down This Column Untill You See Mississippi Delta Blues And Just Watch This Guy Make It Look So Easy.

This Guy Explains It Very Well Easy To Understand Playing Style For Blues Guitar Playing*!~) Always One Eye Open

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