Godin A-4 fretless bass

Godin A-4 fretless bass $600

Date: 2011-05-10

Godin A-4 fretless bass. Plays beautifully, great sound if you’re into a more acoustic sound (LR Baggs active electronics with 3-band EQ).
Functionally perfect.
Does not have synth access
Has dots and tiny line-markers ON SIDE ONLY where fret edges would show, so it gives you the fret line cues, but has that nice no-line look on the fretboard itself.
Very nice cosmetic shape; has a a few tiny, isolated dings.
Godin HSC–nothing great, but solid. Lots of little tears in black surface around edges, but no loss of functional integrity.
I bought this about 5 years ago for around $900 when I was playing bass regularly. Just not playing much these days, and need $$ for other equipment.
$600 price is firm. It’s just not worth it to me to sell it for less.


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