Fender 4 String Starcaster Bass

Fender 4 String Star Caster Bass

This Bass by Fender is Kind of confusing to a few people, The Star Caster Guitar by Fender is a solid body strat looking rig. Produced back in 1966 did not really catch on too good.

But as you can see the Star Caster Bass by fender is much different by far. What it really is … Its a remake of the Fender Coronado is about as close as i can come to describing this bass.starcaster bass1 The Star Caster Bass is nothing like its 6 string namesake. This bass is a semi holly body made of maple with a alder sound block inside the body that the wide range humbucker pickups are attached to. For that great Sustain .And with a off set hollow body with Stylishly bound F-holes lend a cool vintage vibe to this great short scale bass.starcaster 3 colors

And as you can see it comes in 3 color variations to choose from.

These sell new for about 700.00 bucks and can be found on the used market a bit cheaper.starcaster bass red

All in all I think Fender Has A Winner Here

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