Conklin Prototype Bass 4 String Neck-Thru Bass Guitar

conc1 Conklin Prototype Bass 4 String Neck-Thru Bass Guitar


Conklin 4 String neck-through from the early 90’s. The top wood is Walnut, the back (wings) are Maple, the neck laminates are Hard Maple and thin Walnut veneers and the fretboard is Black Ebony. This is a  prototype that Bill Conklin put together for SLM (alvarez) for a project that didn’t transpire. It’s quite literally a piece of musical history.


conc2 – check out Bill’s builds – this bass would run over $3500 to have built.

I changed the front pickup to a vintage Dimarzio Super 2 Bass pickup. It is wired currently as VOL/VOL and the stock pickup comes with the bass as well as a very heavy duty gig bag. Sticker “CHICO” has been removed and has had no effect on the natural finish.

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