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BASS GUITAR Hollow Body Waterstone Indra – rare

bestinbassguitars.comThese basses are no longer being made.  The Waterstone basses were developed in part with Tom Petersonn of Cheap Trick, and he personally uses this model as well as 8 and 12 string versions. This one is quite unique as it has a single Music Man style pickup, and is the only one I can find on the internet that was produced in this color. Could possibly have been a special order or prototype, but I cant say for sure.    It is in excellent cosmetic and playing condition, even has the original protective plastic on the rear access plate.  The tonal range of this bass is quite impressive, of course you can expect it sound a bit Hofner like because of the design, can dial in a near upright sound, as well as a growly punchy p bass etc, etc.  It is very lightweight, yet feels incredibly sturdy and well built.  It is an execptionally well built, quality instrument. Bone nut, quality hardware, and fantastic fit and finish.  30″ scale and lightweight design makes this a perfect bass for smaller players. Includes original soft case. Selling only because I have two basses, and this one lost the coin toss.


Priced To Sell 265.00