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Unique Warmoth Custom J Bass

Unique Warmoth Custom J Bass

This is a very unique J Bass.  If you have never heard of them, Warmoth is the ONLY Fender-licensed J-Bass manufacturer, all of their bodies and necks are to spec.


* The body is mahogany, and I stained it with a deeper gel stain and used a satin finish to preserve the pores in the wood grain, it looks very natural.

* The neck is solid wenge, and is very dense and warm.  There is no finish on the neck (it isn’t recommended for this kind of wood).  It is J-Bass width at the nut (narrower than P-Bass).

* Unique Warmoth Custom J Bass

The fret bestinbassguitars.comboard is solid ebony with no markers, and 6105 stainless steel frets with a graphite nut cut for heavy gauge strings.

* Here’s the best part: dual Music Man 4.2 pickups!  The sound out of these is AMAZING.

* It is passively wired.  Each knob controls the volume of the pickup, that’s it.  I do all of my EQ at the head, I was never a fan of built-in preamps.

* Machine heads are Schaller, so is the bridge.

Because of the heavy body and neck, the bass weights 11 lbs, so it is a fat, warm sound.  With lighter gauge strings, it can also be very funk-punchy.  The mass of the bass and the pickups provide a huge range of tones and timbres.

It has hardly been used.  I built it in the summer of 2009, played until October, and then it sat in the closet since then.  I just don’t have the time anymore.