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vintage custom bass

Vintage bass guitar – $350 

Date: 2011-11-25


I have a vintage custom made bass guitar from the late 70’s to early 80’s

I do not play and took it in a trade and have no use for it
I was told that it was found in a basement when the previous owners grandpa passed away and it was in its case on a top shelf for many years without strings and the person that found it put these strings on to test it out

It does not have a brand name on it and it currently has the wrong type if strings on it
However it has many cool features that one of my friends who is into guitars was able to identify and said that some of them are very rare to find these days
He also plugged it in and tested it and it played well
He said he will make payments to me if it doesnt sell but said he would value it at around $450 to $500
It also comes with a coffin case thats black on the outside and red on the inside

vintage custom bassvintage custom bass