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Top Drummers of The World List is out

Top Drummers of The World List

The Top drummers list came out today, What a surprise to see some of these people that made the list. Keep in mind this is not neccesarily the list of the Best Drummers in the world.

But actually the most successful, That is in Net Worth . Just how many millions they have been able to pile up in thier career`s . I Dont want to spoil it for you but i just cannot help myself.

I`m going to give you the number #1 all time richest drummer in the world…..(drum-roll please )

The most successful Drummer of our times in personal wealth comming in at over 300 million dollars is non other than Ringo Star. Yes this is no misprint. Ringo does have what it takes or Took ,That Is a…. great Band.When you got McCartney And Lennon as your song writers how can you go wrong.  ?Here is the rest of the Top 30 Drummers in the world in net worth that is.

Be ready for more suprises  link