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Bass Guitars Wanted

Bass Guitars Wanted

We are Looking For Bass Guitars….

Any Bass Guitars will do…

But We only want to write about them.

You can still keep your favorite Bass`s We just want to enter it into our data base.

When We Started This Site about 11 years or more ago ,Our Goal was to Review every Bass Guitar available, And Every Configuration Of Those Bass Guitars.

Well If You Check Our Table Of Contents, We Are Getting Close To Our Goals.

The Way I See It We Could Finnish Up around The Year 2021 , What Will We Do Then ?

I Have A Couple of Ideas But Because of the Coolness Factor I must keep it a secret.

But in the meantime our goal must go on.

But we need your help ,We need the hard to find bass guitars. The stranger The better.

Cheap or Very Expensive. We Want to add it to our database.



Please send us some leads or links or you can post them here on site all by yourself its very easy to do

 by going here

Bass Builders Take Notice a Great way to get free Promotions For Your Builds

Cigar Box Builders also show us what you got.

Cheap Bass Parts

 Cheap Bass Parts

If you are a handy type of bass player and you like to do your own mods and repairs to your bass guitars, Or like me a little handy But too broke to hire someone to work on my guitars.

Ill tell you what i do many times. That is I go to amazon .com and order my parts ,Then i install them myself. Im confident enough to not worry about breaking one of my prized bass`s.

At Amazon website you can just type in the search term for the cheap bass part you are looking for and many of these cheap bass parts will show up with a great selection to choose from,

when I say cheap bass parts i mean money wise, Not quality, I want to make this clear many of these parts are exactly what the top music stores in your area use.

Sometimes you have to wait a while for delivery shipping can be slow, for saving a ton of cash i do not mind waiting a while for the parts to arrive.

But if you lack the skills needed to install them yourself, It would be to your great benefit to learn some of these skills, The cash you save is big enough to buy more Bass`s.

You can still go to amazon and order what you need on the cheap compared to what a music store would charge Loves Rocket

Then take the new parts and your bass to your favorite music store for the repair, Or your local luthier , Its still got to save you some cash.


Im not trying to put any music stores out of business, But just being practical most of us Bass Players have way more bass`s than we do cash. By the way I also do the same for my bass strings ,

Of Course I do not hire a tech to install my strings either, And in my opinion any bass player should at the least be capable of changing their own strings.

Thats just something we all should know.

Right along with tuning your bass, Another great set of skills a bass player should try to learn is doing your own setups ,

This will save you a ton of cash, And its really nice to have your bass`s with correct intonation all the time.

doing mods

Maybe someday soon i will write a how to guide on doing setups that would help many players learn this important task.

Also there are many websites with how to videos these days, And you can learn how to do many modifications on your bass guitars, Including learning how to do setups,bass modifacations


Just think if you have as many basss as i do  ,And Im sure many of you do, Thats about 100 bucks per setup

It really adds up. And that cash can buy more gear you need or just want.

Cheers………………….. ThePlayer  

                                                    Feel The Boom

4 string Douglas Bass,

4 string Douglas Bass,

 4 string Douglas Bass,
4 string Douglas Bass,


This is a 4 string Douglas bass with an upgraded Hot BassLines pickup.

 4 string Douglas Bass, basslines pickup
4 string Douglas Bass,
basslines pickup

Also it has a unique decal that said “Jesus, Precision Faith The truth-The way-The life”

 4 string Douglas Bass, back view
4 string Douglas Bass,
back view

It play great and sound wonderful.
The neck is straight and no major scratches or dents. Just a normal hairlines of wears.
The action is about right for me, which is about 1.93mm. If you need it lower you can just easily adjust the truss rod.

 4 string Douglas Bass, head stock
4 string Douglas Bass,

It equipped with a Dunlop Strap locks and a genuine Levis Leather strap.




Paul Reed Smith Kestral 4 String Bass Guitar

Paul Reed Smith 4 String Metallic Red Kestral BassPaul Reed Smith 4 String Metallic Red Kestral Bass

The SE Kestrel takes a traditional singlecoil bass platform and adds PRS’s bass guitar fit, finish, and attention to detail, delivering a new take on a classic instrument.paulreedsmith bassguitar

No matter the style or decade, the Kestrel can achieve every bass part you loved growing up.PRS bassguitar

Kestrel (4B ‘S’) pickups are extremely punchy and focused, giving player the ability to walk a low-mid focused blues line, articulate a high-mid focused fretless style part rich with harmonics, nail the scooped midrange and sweet top-end sound slappers favor, and wield a razor sharp blistering rock bassline. This bass has growl to burn!paul reed smith
This Paul Reed Smith Bass Guitar was
Designed in PRS’s Maryland shop, the Kestrel’s alder body and modern neck through construction provide sustain and evenly balanced tone. The maple/walnut neck has been meticulously designed, and the 34″ scale length makes this an instantly comfortable bass for players old and new. A modern bridge allows you the choice of strings through the bridge or the body to yield even more tonal possibilities.

This Bass Has A Monster Sound With  Any Amp!

Body Wood Alder
Number of Frets 22
Scale Length 34″
Neck Wood 5-Ply Maple with Walnut Strips, Neck-Through Construction
Fretboard Wood Rosewood
Fretboard Inlays Birds
Neck Shape SE Bass
Depth at .5 fret: .792″
Width at nut: 1.591″
Width at end of fretboard: 2.500″
Fretboard radius: 7.500″
Bridge Hipshot TransTone
Tuners Hipshot HB6
Hardware Type Chrome
Electronics Passive
Treble Pickup PRS SE 4B ‘S’ Treble (PRS-Designed Singlecoil)
Bass Pickup PRS 4B ‘S’ Bass (PRS-Designed Singlecoil)
Controls Two Volume Controls and One Tone Control, Pickguard Mounted
Controls 45-105 Gauge

[:en]Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass[:]


Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass

2001 / 2002 Fender Deluxe jazz bass made in Mexico. Active bass, mid, and treble controls powered by a 9 volt battery (see photos for diagram).

Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass front Very wide range of tones from Geddy Lee growl to Marcus Miller slap. Very fast neck with great action that is great for slap or fast licks.Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass with case

Electronics, truss rod, and bridge are working great and easy to adjust the action or tone.Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass tone circut

This bass has been heavily gigged, so there are battle wounds and minor cosmetic damage that does not at all affect the play-ability or tone. Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass back side


[:en]Kala Moghogany U Bass[:]


Kala U bass Uke


Kala solid mahogany U-Bass, fretted, excellent condition. Comes with foam hardshell case, also in excellent condition. Original model with passive electronics, Kala original strings, strap button, without built-in EQ and tuner. Plays nicely


These Kala Uke Bass`s are awesome we reviewed these way back when they were first coming into popularity here is a little introduction from the Kala Official Owners Manual :Kala U-Bass! You are
about to embark on a new musical journey with this portable yet
powerful instrument. It is our goal to provide you with a versatile
new bass instrument that is capable of producing remarkable
bottom end in live and studio applications. The heart of the U-Bass
tone lies in its polyurethane strings in conjunction with its size (20
inch scale length) and a pickup system that creates a sound that is
both traditional and progressive, and fun to play. Coupled with a
high quality amplification or recording system, the applications for
the U-Bass are limited only to your imagination. kalaubasspic3kalaubass4These Little Power Houses of the lower end of the sound spectrum sell new for about 550.00 sometimes you can get one on sale ,Or used like this one here which just sold for 250.00[:]

Learn Your Bass Guitar Scales

Learn Your Bass Guitar Scales

As Bass Players we have a certain responsibility when playing with other musicians,

And That Is to furnish a great bass line that makes the listener want to hear more, And hold the song together, Plus set a tempo that moves the rest of the band along.

And if you are also the singer like so many bass players are, You need to add that to our list of duties while playing live music. Especially in today’s modern music ,

The role of the Bass Player has greatly expanded, From the relative comfort of playing the 1, 4 , 5 `s, or the single 8th notes that we all did back in the 60`s and Seventy`s.

Today’s Bass Players get little if any rest thru-out the song, like we used to enjoy for ease,  Or despise Because of boredom. That`s why they used to always say anyone can be the bass player.

Not Anymore.

Today`s music demands a highly skilled and talented Bass Player.

Sometimes We have to come up with catchy bass lines almost on the spot. Especially true if you do very much Jamming with strangers, Or music you have never heard or played before.

I was in a situation like this last week, Sitting in with a bunch of talented musicians at a open Jam,

That I got invited to come Join in the fun. We played You choose I choose method,

Where all musicians took turns picking the next tune to play,

This could have been a disaster trying to come up with bass-lines for songs that,

All I knew was the Key or root note. And it made me so happy I  had taken the time in the past to learn my Bass Scales.

And really if you know the key and a hint of the tempo, Your pretty much 3/4 of the way there.

That is if you know your Scales.

Many of You im sure know already there is a scale

Or a set of notes on the fret board for every key.

That when played  they all sound good together.

These notes sets are called Scales.

And we typically use about 12 of them, How Many are There ?  im not sure but alot of them.

But just knowing the Main 12 will usually get you by just fine.

Most scales have 8 notes and go from root to root a octave above.

So Learn and  Practice These scales for your bass guitar.

They will no doubt come in handy many times over in your music playing career.

I Know they have saved me tons of embarrassment over the years.

Now here is a link where you can learn much more about scales

And much other musical info for players,

This is not a affiliate link And im getting nothing for sending you there,

Some people get all bent out of shape if they think we are earning money off some info.

But thats not the case ,

I`m just trying to help players learn as easy as possible

And I find this page to be helpful in that regard ,

The site owners do not even know im sending them traffic.

So Rest assured no money made here The Link