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Take Some Lessons

It never hurts to go take some lessons,

If nothing else it will open your mind to New music ideas.

Sometimes its also Necessary to get your mind primed by

some fresh ideas, Or new material.

I Think anyone  of any skill level should  take some upgrading

to thier Playin styles and or abilities.

You  upgrade your car,

You upgrade your house , appliances,

So why not upgrade Yourself..

Or at least your bass playing,  It never hurts to

Pick up some great stuff, From a Talented instructor, I love

When Good bass players teach me Cool Stuff on the bass.

Thats a huge benefit and having them there to

Show you till you get it right, Kinda helps too. I Cannot think of

A better way to improve your playing,Adding Grooves and Riffs to

Your Personal Arsonal of Bass Moves, Shuffles, Grooves,

Never Hurts.

These investments in your bass playing future are the best

thing you can do for your playing life ,

These set your tone

for your reputation, of style ,

The Funk and The Smooth flo,

The Boogie,

And mostly Your  Very Groove….

The one nobody else can do..  just like you.

And Nobody playing any instrument is Ever Too Good…

And for that Reason

We all keep playing ,

Day after Day Year After Year,


Or No Reward ,    We Play.    Thats It.

So  do it the very best only you can. And getting Fresh ideas .

From a Qualified Pro Is ,Doing it the best you can. Besides Actually

Doing the part about  learning and

Practice, Thats  is on you,

And you can pickup local lessons, Depending On Your location

to a bigger city, Should Be not much of a problem.

And its a fairly inexpensive, For 200.00 you

can get a pretty good Tuneup  on your bass playing,

Thats about 6 – 10 hours of lessons, And take a tape recorder

to your lesson, If Your Instructor Does not mind,

“Tell Him You Are Not Going To Market, The lessons.”

It just really helps to tape the lesson, if its only 1 hour lesson

Then you can take it back home,

And go thru it again and again.

It works Great for learning what you were taught.

So Get Some Lessons Today..