Schecter Raiden Elite 5 string Bass Guitar

Schecter Raiden Elite 5 string Bass Guitar

This is for my personal Schecter Raiden Elite 5 string Bass.

This is a phenomenal instrument. It is essentially a new Bass. -I picked this up off of the showroom floor at Guitar Center for 600-So you will be getting a deal. I am primarily a guitar player, and I used it to record 5 tracks in my home studio for a project I am working on. Other than that, this has never been played; gigged with, or even been out of the house. Nobody has touched it other than myself, and I take extremely good care of my guitars.

The strings have basically no wear on them, and as you can see in the pics; it is aesthetically perfect- and in essentially the EXACT same shape as it was on the floor. There is not one scuff, scratch, ding, or imperfection on this.

It is set up and intonated, and ready to go.

It’s got dual EMG’s in both the neck and bridge positions, and all electronics and knobs work perfectly. The finish on this instrument is gorgeous, and if I did not need the money I would not be selling this. It’s the best bass I have ever owned, and would buy it again in a