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So I heard a new band, Well not a new band really,But just new to me, I really like the sound , The sound is definitely Reggae

But not any old Reggae this is unique to  RoaringLionsBand Reggae,

These guys really lay it down in a funky feel, And Bro I got to say

The RoaringLionsBand really gets it right, I have never been around that much Reggae Music before just lack of exposure I guess.

But am I glad I found this music, And right in my own back yard.

If You are in the Portland ,Oregon Area be sure to go check these players out, The Band is fronted by a cat named Simba Puma he is from Jamaica Been in the States A While and knows his music tho

If Your not around The Portland Oregon Area you can catch this great sounding band at Here Enjoy I Know you will.