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Rickenbacker 4001CS Bass Guitar

For sale is my This bass has a build date of August, 1991, SN# H4 6218. I’m not the original owner, but I’ve had this bass for many years and have played many gigs with it. This is a player’s bass, not a case queen, which is very rare for these 4001CS basses. Almost all that you see for sale are close to mint and the owners are scared to death to take them out and be the first to put a dent or chip in them. No worries with this bass as I made the chip for you.

This bass is all original. The horseshoe magnets are removed and has the aftermarket Treble Bezel installed, which is probably the greatest thing Rickenbacker wished they had invented. I’ve left gigs with bloody thumbs because of that treble pickup surround before I found this bezel. Also, the strap buttons have been changed to Rickenbacker threaded Schaller buttons and now accept any Schaller strap lock.

All of the original parts are there; horseshoe magnets, strap buttons, case key, cleaning cloth and fully-functioning original hard shell case.

There are absolutely no cutouts or additional holes anywhere on this bass. The wiring harness is untouched and is all original. There are no cracks or splits anywhere on this bass. The neck joint is solid, and the entire area near the nut is in excellent condition. The truss system on this bass is the same as the modern 4003 basses, so there are no neck issues.

The action and playability on this bass is awesome. It sounds great through both of my amps; SVT 7 Pro and Aguilar Tone Hammer. I can get the Chris Squire tone with the Ampeg and a very mild chorus.

This bass has its share of bumps and bruises, kind of like a car with 50K miles on it.

The only bad thing I can say is that the certificate is long gone. The original owner couldn’t come up with it and that was around 14 years ago. It never stopped me from loving this bass and having many great times with it.

This is a beautiful 4001CS with honest player wear that’s ready for a new home.

2010 Rickenbacker Bass Guitar 2010 Rickenbacker Bass Guitar

Plays great looks awesome couple of lill dings but nothing superficial.s
Comes with a perfect case as well…..great bass at a great price
Also have all original paperwork and Certificate as well