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Review JWorrellBass Pickups

I Have a old  Fretless  Jazz Bass, Its Been around Quite a while,And to be honest I have not played it much.
It Just Got to where it seemed like it did not have any power,

I know this sounds funny,  Because its not active,
I Mean it has no preamp no Batteries Nothing. And Like I Mentioned it Sounds dead like ,

So I would call it very Passive….To Put It Mildly

 Or Maybe Just Wore Out

The Best way to describe it is…… I guess is 

There does not appear to be any hotness at the strings.   

And for the last year or so I did not play it much,

Its harder to play a bass that does not respond well.   

 And I Definitely have better responding Bass`s lying around.

But That Was Until I Received A Pickup From ..   JWorrell Bass ..

 Its A Typical Jazz Bass Shaped Pickup,

And Looks Pretty Innocent.

All except It Has The  “JWorrell”   Signature Engraved On The Top,

So I Went out and bought 2 new 250 Potentiometers, One For Tone

And Another For The Volume, That’s It….. very simple setup.

And I just reused the old input jack.

So I did the install ,sodiered all the connections and

checked everything out under the hood.

And just put the old strings back on. hooked it to a tuner and tuned it,

Checked The Intonation real Quick While I had the Ashtray off. 

 It Was Close For A fretless… Suprise

Total Time about 30 minutes. Plugged It In 

Fired Up the Old Hartke 4000 thats hooked up to

8 – 10 inch Speakers , In The Form of  a  G.K. Gold 8/10 Cabinet.

Then I Picked Up My  Old Jazz Bass, 

 Slowly I  Turned Up The Volume Knob,

Still not knowing if my repair job was successfull,

 The First thing I Always do is listen for the over whelming  Buzz

That comes from a bad ground. . . But No Buzz,

The first thing that came to mind was . . .  I  Must have botched the install.

So I Turned it up a little more,. . .  .  Still No Buzz… 

And so I  Played a few notes,    And What Happened next was something

 I Have Never Heard Before…..

The Most Clear And DEEP BASS Sound coming out of my Fretless Jazz Bass.


I Was Just About Floored, I  could not Believe The sounds Coming Out of this Bass.

Never in all the years I Owned This Bass has it Boomed Like This.

This Old Bass Has Came Back Alive. And I`m Jammin…….

With The  Hartke On 3 And the Jazz At Half, The War Dept. at my house (my wife)

Actually Sent My Son Down stairs to my office and had the nerve to tell me to turn it DOWN.

She has not done that since the first day I bought my Drumset  ……. 

 My son said the picture fell off the wall in the living room upstairs. 

That Cracked Me Up…  What A Great feeling,

 I Got my Fretless Jazz Bass Back from the Dead.

So I Owe it all to JWorrellBass For Building this incredible Pickup.

This Pickup is outstanding,

And I am already thinking which one of my other Bass`s

Could use A Dose of this medicine … I Am Stoked….

JWorrellBass  dont forget that name. They  hand build all their Pickups,

For Their Line Of Custom Bass`s, Which By The Way Are Superb.

Se My article about those here

But The Pickups you can order Right on their Website At  JWorrellBass,

And John Worrell himself hand winds and builds these pickups, On a order basis.

Just For Your Needs, They Have a few different models of Pickups,

Here is a list Of The Pickups They Replace :

EMG 35, 40 & 45- Bart BC, P2 & P4, P bass, J 4 & 5 neck and bridge.

And Probably anything else you can discribe to John,

 I`m Sure He Will work with you.  He Is A Great Guy.

Let me just Say This,  I have tried and played alot of pickups in my days.

But These JWorrellBass  Hand Built Pickups are simply Amazing,

Words Cannot do them Justice coming from Me . You Just Need To Hear Them..

Get Ahold Of Them at JWorrellBass for your pickup needs ..

You Will Be Happy…