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Rare 5 String Warwick Rock Bass Guitar
Up for trade or sale is a rare Warwick Rock Bass Fortress 5 string in excellent condition- This particular bass is being sold on this site for $905.00

THIS BASS STILL PLAYS GREAT!  The only issues with this bass are that the nut is broken; THIS IS A CHEAP EASY FIX; here is a link to where you can purchase the nut-






The RockBass Fortress is a re-issue of the Warwick Fortress, which was taken out of production in the late 1990’s. There was so much public interest in the Fortress shape that Warwick decided to bring it back as a new member of the wildly successful RockBass line. The Fortress features a swamp ash body, maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. Comes loaded with 2 active MEC Gold split-coil pickups, plus MEC active 2-band preamps on board. For the perfect finishing touch, Warwick used black hardware. The Fortress balances perfectly on a strap and has a wide range of tones. This bass is also equipped with a lock input jack.