Phil Joes Breifcase Amp

SPEAKERS: 2 high-power, full-range dedicated bass instrument loudspeakers in a computer-optimized, vented enclosure
DIMENSIONS: inch 6.5(W) x 14.5(D) x 15.75(H)
INPUT: Active / Passive
FEATURES: Compressor/limiter, 5-Band EQ, Headphone out, Balanced-line out, Pre-amp out, Extension-speaker out
Ideal match for upright basses
AC VOLTAGE: 110-220 Volt
DC VOLTAGE: 12 Volt (Internal rechargeable battery)

phil jones breifcase amp

Phil Jones Flightcase BG-150 Bass Combo – $745

Phil Jones Flightcase BG-150 Bass Combo – $745

Date: 2010-08-05


Selling my Phil Jones Flightcase 150 watt combo amp.
It’s been used very lightly, and never been gigged with.
This is the best sounding solid state bass rig I’ve ever heard, and it only weighs 24 pounds!
It has an on-board compressor, headphone jack, fx loop, and DI-out.
This rig is great for Acoustic stuff, Jazz, coffee shop gigs, and quiet apartment playing.
Here are all the specs:

These sell new for $995. This one is barely a year old, with no signs of wear.
It also comes with a canvas protective cover and a set of allan wrenches.