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For those uninitiated, the Peavey T40 was a sleeper for many years. Not many people knew how incredibly well made these were, with a quality tone and versatility. Made in the USA, three piece ash body with maple neck, two huge honkin’ humbuckers with individual tone and volume, A, B, or A/B pickup switch, polarity switch to allow you to change the polarity of the pick ups. This all amounts to a very versatile bass capable of producing a range of unique sounds.

I have owned this bass for about seven years and played it only a handful of times. I am a guitar player by natural inclination and only got the bass for some meanderings into self-published home recordings.

When I bought it, I went on a Nation-wide search for this particular bass, the Peavey T 40, because I knew it was an exceptional value for how well made they were.
Unlike a lot of small bodied bass designs, the T 40 has a very distinct, classic presence.

Since I’ve owned it the bass has rested in the beautiful coffin case, waiting to be appreciated by someone who is a dedicated bass player.

The bass is in great condition with nothing beyond very minor scuffs/dings. It’s a beauty to look at.

The coffin case has a few tears in the tolex from life’s adventures but in general it is in very good condition.VALUE BLACKT402 BLACKT403 - Copy BLACKT404 - Copy

Serial Number: 00508769