Peavey Made In U.S.A. Foundation Series 5 String Bass

Peavey Made In U.S.A. Foundation Series 5 String Bass

O.K. I Can definitely speak with knowledgeable Experience on this one ,Why Because this is one of my personal  Bass`s. This is a Early 90`s Model A very nice example of fine USA Craftsmanship by the one and only Peavey Co of America! This is a 1994 model FEATURES for THIS bass: Alder body Bilaminated eastern maple neck Maple fingerboard "12 radius with 21 nickel-silver frets 1.8" width Graphlon topnut 2 Super Soap Bar pickups

peavey foundation3

This Peavey Made In U.S.A. Foundation Series 5 String Bass Is so tight and notations are spot on.

A very nice example of a  fine USA made instrument. It  is a real growler it just vibrates everything,

I Love to not only hear my bass sounds ,But I like to also Feel my Bass Sound`s. And this foundation 5 does the bass by peavey

I Would have to go as far and say ” better than any bass i have played.”

Now thats not counting special effects of course. But just the way the bass it self sounds its very deep.

Especially that low b  its B for Bad -Ass. I will probably never sell this bass as i probably could not get out of it what its worth to me to have it around.

If you ever see one on the used market ,My advice is grab it , If Its in decent shape you should expect to pay 300.00 or so thats not a bad deal.

little buckle rash

And I have seen them even a hundred bucks cheaper than that also.

And you can definitely gig with this bass, I see no problem , Just a age issue there,

As with everything even us people , We sometimes get a little crabby with age. Its Smart to have a backup.

But that`s something we do any way right ? I cannot think of a music style I would not want to use this bass for.

foundation bass

Def anything i would use a electric bass for i would use the  Peavey Made In U.S.A. Foundation Series 5 String Bass for also without hesitation.

Peavey Modulus BassGuitar

Peavey Modulus BassGuitar

This is a made in USA bass with a carbon fiber/graphite neck sourced from Modulus. You can equate this with the Modulus Flea from the era, or going back a bit further, the Music Man Cutlass basses. It has a 35in scale which really helps for the intonation and clarity of the low end – as does the stiffness of the carbon fiber neck which is a very classic slim Jazz bass profile.Peavey Modulus 00X0X_9foonWYBexV_600x450 00s0s_3LdTZcuTbwv_50x50c 01717_4jWPovSnSOy_50x50c


There is a single active humbucker with 3 band eq. This is a very versatile and wonderful to play bass. ABS case is in great shape as well.


This bass would be a bargain at $1000……. Asking 400.00