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New Music For Me

New Music For Me :

I Played some new music this weekend,These Talented Musicians Allowed me to sit in with them,And It was a real eye opener to a whole new kind of music for me. I`m not even real sure the correct pronunciation  of the type of music its classified as. But New Music For Me. Because in the Mexican Music genre there are many types according to the local area that the music is performed.That to me was amazing to learn.So like the mountain people of Mexico,Play and listen to different style and type of music than the coastal people of Mexico.And the States and local communities seem to all have their own style and type of music unique to their area. Now this is the way I Understood it.But my Spanish  speaking skills are not good.So I may be way off if I am feel free to correct me. Anyway I Had a great time playing this  New Music For Me .And a ton of fun. Its alot different than playing The Blues I`ll tell you. The beats are way different it almost does not make sense at first. Does not seem to have a real get back to the root feel to me any way. And the relief one gets by playing the root in a tune I never experienced with the Mexican Music AT FIRST.

But after I got the hang of it (kinda) it started making perfect sense to me.

And my bass patterns got better as I went along. And that comfortable root feeling started coming back. It was cool to watch and notice myself evolving

right there on the spot, But I had too ,My back was against the wall my bass plugged in,  And the band was playing. What else could I do. Sink Or Swim?

And soon like a fish I was swimming Latin style . And having a great time

I Might add its the first time I replaced A Tuba. But I Plan on doing alot more of it. Here is a  link  to some like Kind music.Mexican Music

Sta Low  The Player