Southern American And Delta Blues

This music was created back before bands and musicians had no real bass players ,Mostly they could not afford the price of a big double bass. Lots of bands when recording would borrow or share 1 bass between many bands. The idea here is to listen and pick your spots as a bass player in the modern music world. And there is room for some very selective Bass Lines, Enjoy

Delta & Louisiana Blues — 35 great tracks of Delta & Louisiana Blues featuring Muddy Waters, Big Joe Williams, Skip James, The Mississippi Sheiks, Sleepy Jo…

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Published: 2014-05-09 10:25:49
Delta & Louisiana Blues – 35 great tracks of Delta Blues, over one hour and 44 minutes of good music

Mississippi Southern Blues

More Mississippi delta Blues listen and find your spots for developing basslines for playing this great music , Hint : the spots are there

Copyright: 1995 Icehouse Records. From the album “You Know I Like That” available on iTunes here: – also available on Amazon MP3, Goo…

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Blind Mississippi Morris “Secondhand Store” (Official Audio)