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Music On The Brain ?

When It Comes To Music, What Part Of The Song Sticks In Your Mind ?

Is It Music On The Brain ?

The Catchy Words Or Harmony’s ?

Or maybe it is The Driving Rhythm Section ? For Me Its Either Or,
And I Think For how many people you ask ,

You Might Get that many different answers.

Just Like every song is different, Everyone listens to songs differently also.

Do You Ever Hear A Song or even part of A Song, Then You Just Cannot Get It Out Of Your head ?

This happens to me on regular basis, Usually I Wake up that way in the morning.

No Kidding at least 6 days a week I Have a Song Of Some Type In My Head When I wake up.

Some Times Its Just A good rhythm,

Like A Strong Bass Beat With A Solid Drummer,

In fact These Rhythms Stick with me longer than the catchy vocals do, The

Vocals I Can get rid of by just listening to another song,

This Seems to help get the voices out of my head

If You Know what I mean.
You cannot convince me that man was not suppose to have music in our lives.
At least in my life and I’m sure there are many people just like me,

People who are surrounded by music all the time, Music that no body else can hear.

I Probably should not admit this , I `ll Get myself locked up in the nut house.
But This Has Gone On All My Life. And I’m No Longer A Young Man.

Just Imagine how many songs I Could not get rid of in all those years.

Like A Ongoing Radio Station In my Head.

Sometimes These Songs are not Recognizable as a Tune that I have heard before. And i`m not real sure just how it got there (in my head I mean )Because to me its a totally new song, At Least That I have heard before .

They Just Come Out Of The Blue.

And I’m Sure This helps me in my Bass Playing And Song writing. It Makes It

Easy Sometimes To Come Up With A Bass line Rhythm Or A Beat for a

new song We are working on.

But at times I must admit it can be hard to remember these tunes.

People Say What Is That Bass line You Are Playing?

I Say I Don’t Know It Just Popped Up.

Actually Its Been There All Along, I Just did not know when it was coming out.

I Really do get a bunch of really great bass lines this way.

Trouble is I don’t always remember them for very long ….don’t know why.

I have tried many things in the past,

Like keeping a small recorder next to my bed or close by,

That way at least I could hum the rhythm into the recorder

or I pod some thing like that.

Or I Have kept blank tab paper laying around to

Jot down the tab too any cool rhythms that may present themselves. But this method can be very time consuming

And not always convenient to just tell people to :

Hold Everything I Have To Write This Tab Down “

But usually if its a pattern I really just cannot let go of, And many are…

Hopefully I can find a few minutes to just pick up my Bass and go over the line a few times, Kinda perfect it as I go , For me this really helps to preserve the bass line

in my mental hard drive.

And satisfying a equation that for some reason my mind feels the need to tackle. Like obsession or addiction I guess.

That must sound strange to somebody outside looking in ,And its real difficult to put into words.

But music has a direct link to my brain, And I feel music affects me differently than average people (whatever average is ). Its maybe like this for

many musicians not sure, I can only speak for myself,

I`ve had non musicians tell me they spend their thinking power on important things,

Like making money or such, To me that is a insult, I consider music a very important part of who I am, And not spending a reasonable amount of time mentally deciphering

A equation that is stuck in my head, Is like short changing my thought process.

Just something I must do regardless of any monetary or actual physical reward.

I Just have to because there are definitely some special receptors in my brain that relate just to music.

Its like scratching a itch, Don’t know why but I need to do it kinda feeling.

But I do not see why I would be some extra special case.

Please tell me others have these same things happen don’t they ?

The Hard Part is getting my fingers to do what my mind is hearing.

And I Know I cannot be the only person that has this Special Jukebox Brain.

Its Actually very interesting.

So If You Are One Of My Relatives Or One Of My Friends,or my Wife,

And It Seems

Like I’m Not Paying Attention To What You Are Saying To Me, I’m really not trying to ignore you,I just cannot help it Its the Music again.

Don’t Worry I’ll Be Back Right After This Next Song


What Started use of The Bass Guitar For Bands

The early Bass Guitar. Was and still is a work in progress, Many different configurations have come and gone,

And many different ways of playing and tuning have been tried and used. 1 string,2 string,4 and 5 and 6 all the way to 8 or 9 strings.Have been adapted.

Different tunings and even DeTunings.

De-tuners, are mechanical devices operated by the thumb on the fretting hand that allow one or more strings to be quickly de-tuned to a different pitch. Usually 1 or more notes up or down so if the de-tuner was on a certain string you could take it up to 2 strings in pitch

Normally de-tuners are put on a 4string on the E string when you flip it or release it it drops the E string to a D.

Allot Of this type of playing was used in the Mowtown days .Back When the Styles Of The electric Bass Guitar Were first being developed.

After All the Electric Bass Guitar Is very young in age compared to most of other instruments.The First Electric Bass Guitar Arrived around 1949,

But Did Not Really take ,The Concept soon became a great addition to any Band by filling in without a big bulky bodied   Bass Viola or even the giant tuba.Then using The electric Bass Guitar,for the new rock n roll sound really took hold in the mid fifty`s .

When rock n roll  began to be firmly planted on the  Live stages of America,So did the Electric Bass Guitar ,At first mostly just because the size of the huge Bass Viola`s Were just so cumbersome ,

And expensive, Many Rock n Roll bands could not afford a big Bass Viola,And many were shared between bands, or even Record companies might own one  Upright Bass to be played by many Musicians.

And availability of the Bass could have been a good reason many bands gladly grabbed on to the new Electric Bass Guitar.

Then We needed a Bass Amp as it was soon learned,Regular Guitar Amp Speakers were just not going to hold up to the lower Octave of the Bass.

Around the time of the mid 50`s to early 60`s. Electric Bass Guitars started to be seen more and more , Played by Rock and Motown and R and B Groups  Then  early 60`s came Elvis, The Motown Crowd, And Bands like The Birds  And Lil Richard, Chuck Berry , Ike Turner were some of the very first acts to feature a full time Electric Bass Guitars in the lineup..

With the mid to late 60`s and on to the  Seventies ,came the British Invasion, And not just the Beatles,Although Paul McCartney was probably the first really followed and famous Bass Guitar Player.There were many others. The Stones,The Who, Cream,Led Zeppelin,Doors,Hendrix,In fact The whole genre of the Blues owes a great part of its sound to the Electric Bass Guitar.

So with all that said and much much more not said,The Electric Bass Guitar Brought to us by Leo Fender In 1951 was not just A great  invention by Fender but proved to be a very Important part of American Music. And at such a young age The Electric Bass Guitar is for sure Here To Stay……..                 (*!*) Learn To Play …And Play For Keeps..

Changing pickups on your Bass Guitar

Changing pickups on your Bass Guitar can actually change your old Bass Guitar into something brand new if you plan ahead,And know what you are looking for.Maybe you have a favorite that’s old or just does`t sound good anymore,Or maybe you have a bass that just never did sound good.Don’t be so quick to discard that bass guitar at least not the body just yet.

Ever consider changing the electronics and make that weak tired sounding bass guitar sound like a 8.0 on the richter scale.? Well you can and a hell of allot cheaper than buying a brand new bass.

Parts are more and more,Easy to come by these days,They are making reproduction parts,And new old parts,And creating brand new gadgets at record speed and less expensive than ever. What used to be custom shop is now order ready right off the Internet Tone boosters ,Preamps, Pickups,Piezoes, ,Tone Cutters,special effects that make guitars and basses sound like a whole orchestras,Have flooded on to the Internet market. Just shop around you can can load your Guitar or Bass with the electronics of the most expensive models out there, And may I add with out breaking the bank.

You can make a old jazz bass`s active,By just changing that little chrome piece of your pickguard,You can get a new one with everything on it,Vol,Tone hi ,Tone med,low already  installed on the pick guard,For starting at about 45.00 bucks,How about those old pickups?

Now you can hot rod your old Japanese Basses you have hung onto for all these years,Like the Univox`s, and those Supro`s ,Harmony`s get em out of the closet, Put new life in them.

You can replace your alnico`s brand new for less than 50.00 bucks.

Gibson Bass Pickups try brand new humbuckers just like the thunder birds starting at 40.00 dollars.J Bass pickups brand new Active set of j bass pickups for a hundred bucks. Music Mans change out the old dead reproduction pickups on the imitation music mans that are out there change them out for the real thing 60.00 each.

Got a Beatles Bass copy laying around? How about putting some real hofner style chrome pickups on it starting at $30.00 each, or you can get the hofner control plate with active electronics,The little plate with the slide switches and knobs on it ? Up grade with active electronics starting at about  $105.00.

Many companies make new hot and active pickups for the factory Fenders ,Music Man,Ric’s,Hofners,And all the copies you can name, all you got to do is decide what you want.

And for the most part,No need to cut or router your guitar body,The new pickups come ready made to go right in where the old pickups came out.Just a little soldiering, And even some others are soldier free,You just twist the wires together away you go.

There are other modifications you can do too really change your Bass Guitar

You might have already seen these Roland makes a few models, It calls for changing the electronic pickup plus playing through a special preamp,But the sound is nothing but amazing,You can actually produce horns,violins, unbelievable bass guitar sounds right from your 4 string bass.And much much more. Its incredible start sounding like White Album or Yellow Submarine.

I Wont even get into effects loops,And those type of recorded effects,That is a whole different bag of strings there. But by just changing the pickups and adding preamp,You will be shocked to see the improvements you can make to a tired old Bass Guitar.

One thing I must mention … I Dont want someone to get started then find out I did not mention a important factor.All preamp systems well most of them anyways,Take a nine or two nine volts batteries,Too deliver the juice it takes to run a active preamp or pickup system.Sometimes its necessary to put a hole in your Bass Guitar Body to install the battery holder. But you can get lucky,I put A 9 Volt Active System in a old Passive Jazz Bass of mine and with the new mini pots being so small,I Was able too fit my new battery that i never had before, right inside the existing cavity already in the Bass Body. So you can look for parts that will work with your situation and save alot of work or trouble if you are not sure about doing these kinds of modifications to your guitars.And if you are uneasy about modifying one of your Bass`s take it to your favorite music store,Don’t ruin your Bass, Trying something you are not comfortable with doing as far as modifying  body`s and carving on your Guitars, a little slip or wrong calculation could be devastating.

This article is not about making any kinds of commisions on Bass Parts  or trying to earn points with any supplier ,its just as it appears information you can use,So I am not reccomending any certain parts or company to buy your

new bass parts from just do a search online or go to your favorite Guitar Store and explain what you want to do,You should have no trouble getting hooked up and on your way to a better sound,Out That Old Bass.

Sta Lo

Remember Jim Croce

Life In The Bass Lane

For Jim Croce A Musical Career Meant Many Days And Long Nights On the road. Alot Of Out of the way College Campuses
in small towns. On September 20 1973 in Natchitoches La.
The Small Plane not unlike hundreds he and his band used
to get from gig to gig. Somehow caught a tree at the end of a dark runway. The Little plane got hung up crashed and killed the whole band. What A Sad day for music.
No Body could know what this world would be like had Jim
Croce Been alive all these years. But we do know something
This Man Wrote and sang some great music. In His time he had his share of great songs. Remember Time in a Bottle ?
Operator ? Leroy Brown ? I still love those songs today. And Always will, Although when I hear this music I only Think About Jim Croce, And how sad is it he is not still here. What A GUY.
I Got A Name

Like the pine trees linin’ the windin’ road
I’ve got a name, I’ve got a name
Like the singin’ bird and the croakin’ toad
I’ve got a name, I’ve got a name
And I carry it with me like my daddy did
But I’m livin’ the dream that he kept hid
Movin’ me down the highway
Rollin’ me down the highway
Movin’ ahead so life won’t pass me by


Like the north wind whistlin’ down the sky
I’ve got a song, I’ve got a song
Like the whippoorwill and the baby’s cry
I’ve got a song, I’ve got a song
And I carry it with me and I sing it loud
If it gets me nowhere, I’ll go there proud
Movin’ me down the highway
Rollin’ me down the highway
Movin’ ahead so life won’t pass me by

And I’m gonna go there free
Like the fool I am and I’ll always be
I’ve got a dream, I’ve got a dream
They can change their minds but they can’t change me
I’ve got a dream, I’ve got a dream
Oh, I know I could share it if you want me to
If you’re going my way, I’ll go with you
Movin’ me down the highway
Rollin’ me down the highway
Movin’ ahead so life won’t pass me by


:  :  :  :  :  :  :

If I could save Time in a bottle

If I had a box just for wishesAnd dreams that had never come trueThe box would be empty Except for the memory Of how they were answered by you..

CHORUS:But there never seems to be enough timeTo do the things you want to doOnce you find them
I’ve looked around enough to knowThat you’re the one I want to goThrough time with

/ / / //
The first thing that I’d like to do
Is to save every day’Til Eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you
If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I’d save every day like a treasure and then,
Again, I would spend them with you


(Repeat Chorus)”

Enjoy Jim Croce every time u get a chance it will change your Day -(*!*)-




Urban Geezers Still There

,  I Got a page on Sound Click, I Made it long ago always meaning to add some more music to it.

Music I was working on at the time with a bunch of guys. Then Time went on I never did get back to update that page.

Then the other day I  Got a email saying somebody has joined my sound click page as a follower, And  I remembered about that page

All that`s on there are a couple bass solo tracks, One was done with my guitar buddy playing a live drum set. The other was done with a poor quality electronic drummer. Both are very poor quality recording and even worse engineering. My Plan at the time was to  let the other guys dub tracks on top so we could come up with a whole sound.Original music and build from there, But we never got back to that project,Just another pipe dream I Guess.

So what I`m trying to get at these bass tracks just sat there forgotten, for a couple years at least, One of my tracks while parked on that page (i have never played that song since that recording) It  Rose up on Sound Clicks Country Blues Chart,All By it self, It went all the way to # 58 on the chart of 3185 songs  on it at the time. Then it must have dropped out of sight sometime after that. I Knew nothing about it even being on any chart. I would have at least submitted a nice clean recording.

But this was kinda a Shock to find out about that track and glad I remembered or got reminded of those two tracks I wrote.

So I Went in and updated my copyrights on my songs. Who knows maybe I`ll still find some other Musicians who will help me finish these two songs sometime. And About 50 more I have written that are collecting dust in my song book. Thats My Problem

I get A idea for a song so I try to write it down or record a little of it, So I don`t  forget it. But I Dont get around to getting back to them with more players to add the other parts necessary  to make them whole songs.

If You Want To Check out these embarrassing unfinished poor quality tracks you are more than welcome,

May as well let the whole world get a laugh at my expense. I Mean come on folks number #58 ? Just think if we would have tried just a little?    go here Have Fun     -(*!*)-

Try It

Playing Music At Young Age


Playing Music At Young Age

I Have always been musical, Maybe not as talented as a lot of others, But Very Musical just the same. I cannot think of too many days there is not some kind of song or tune, Or jingle of some kind going on in my head. I have just learned how to accept it, Kinda as a gift I guess, That is i would rather have it than not, My musical brain has kept me entertained when nothing else was available. I Was raised way out in the country, In the sticks I Guess. gosh seems like a whole other lifetime ago. Cannot hardly believe the things i did as growing up on a working dairy farm, Where we raised everything we ate,Worked very hard from a real young age. If it was not putting in our own hay crop all summer for our 300 or so Cows, To feeding them the same hay crop 5 months out of the year in the winter, 7 days a week, Every week every month of every year. And I did a lot of what you might call quality tractor time, In fact you might say I pretty much grew up sitting in a tractor seat. Hours and hours sitting on a tractor putting in and harvesting our crops,Or feeding our cows and other animals. We grew all our own feed for our animals. Corn, barley, wheat, oats, And Hay, Alfalfa and Timothy. Back then I looked at it as just a way of life. Today my kids would say I was abusing them to even talk about that much work. It was on those endless days driving tractor, That I first realized music was my way of life. It started out just singing, I would sing to myself all day long, Just making up songs usually, Then one day when I was about 11 or 12 years old, Our cousins from the city came to stay for about a week, Seems like it was spring break for school or something like that. And my cousin Grant was his name brought along with him a harmonica, I had never seen a real harmonica, I had heard them on the radio or TV and my dad loved to listen to the country stations, And on TV we all watched Hee Haw on Saturday night, It was a musical show with Buck Owens hosting a whole cast of country stars, And There was also on the TV Grand Ol Opry That was the top shows to watch besides Ed Sullivan, And I got to where I knew a lot of the songs. These were TV. Variety shows, And they would sing a song or two then do a comedy skit or something like that. And The Ed Sullivan show is where I got my first look at rock n roll. I still remember the Beatles when they were on Ed Sullivan, And Music would never be the same. Anyway before I got off subject about the cousin with the harmonica, He Would play along with the songs on the TV show, And I was hooked right there, He played that thing with such ease. And By the time their stay was over with us, I had learned to play his harmonica, Although sharing harmonicas back then did not seem so bad we were just kids, But now a days forget it. Anyway when they left I could not get over that harmonica, I Wanted a harmonica in the worst way, It was spring and Xmas was way off to long to wait if you asked me. And I let my dad know just how much I needed to have a harmonica. Some time had gone by and it was now summer, And we were in full force putting in crops, And I recall one day as my dad came driving out into the field, Where I was cutting hay on a tractor, And he waived me down to talk about something. I knew he had just been to town, Cause I heard him at breakfast talking about going into town. For most people this would be a so what. But for us where we lived 63 miles to town one way. It was a bigger deal I guess. I got off my tractor and ran over to his pickup, And noticed some bags of stuff in the seat, And just like any other kid I was curious about what the bags contained,Maybe some sweets or something I was hoping, Then my dad reached into one bag, And he said”Got Something for you” I said what? what is it? He pulled out a red white and blue little box. A marine band harmonica key of C Is just what it said. I could not believe it. And Its mine. I was the happiest kid for miles, I just could not believe my good luck, I thought i was probably going to get some kind of condition handed to me for the use of this fine harmonica. Like extra chores better grades or something. But no just here is your harmonica. And I grabbed it from his hand, I opened it up and looked at the brand new shiny harmonica. And I Just thought wow.

Dad then reminded me its getting late better get back to mowing, If I was going to finish this field today. I Said sure, See you later and thanks a lot for the harmonica.

Now I’m driving tractor with a purpose, I’m playing harmonica to the biggest crowds, in the world, all sellout crowds of course. All the time my imagination going wild,While as the months go by I am actually getting pretty good on that harmonica, And it was not long until instead of everybody telling me to stop playing that noisy thing, To Asking me to play certain songs for them, And my dad making sure all his neighbor farmer friends heard me play my harmonica way more than they or I wanted. This pretty much went on for the next few years, As I mastered the harmonica in the key of C. One night some of us home town boys went to the next town for a dance. There was to be a real live Country Western band playing this dance, And it was told they were pretty good. We all loaded into one of my friends pickup, with a canopy on the back where who ever wasn’t fast enough to get in the front had to ride. But not me I kept everyone entertained in the front playing my blues harp all the way down the dark country roads of our county. The band at the dance was real good, They played a lot of modern country hits that you would hear at the time on the radio. During one of the bands breaks one of my buddies who obviously had more mouth than brains went up to the band and told them that there was a harmonica player in the crowd, And asked them to Ask me up there to play a song. I did not know this till on the way home. Sure enough not long after one of the breaks the band takes, They called my name to come up there. I was never so embarrassed in my life,I Just wanted to get down and crawl out of that dance hall. In fact I started heading for the door,Because luckily I had left my harmonica in the truck.But my buddies started hollering and whistling and yipping like dogs. Then one of them walked up to me right in front of everybody and handed me my harmonica, Said he already went out and got it for me. I knew I was finished. I had to go up there, there was no foreseeable way out. I`m thinking These guys are going to get it for sure, Meaning my so called friends who got me into this.

Up to the stage I went, Just about shaking inside me so bad, That the outside of me almost had to be shaking too. The Lights were really bright and hot, I could feel myself beginning to sweat right away, Mostly nerves I’m sure. The band called for the song “Wabash Cannonball” And I knew that song well. As I Had many times played it along with the TV. Show I Watched with my family. So I Played with my eyes closed for the most part, As being on a stage in front of real people was not something my eyes wanted to see. And I must have done pretty good as everyone in the place screamed for more, more more,So The Band asked me to do one more, “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” By Willie Nelson. I knew that song too as it was on the top of the charts back then. So I played again. And got off that stage. As quick as I possibly could,Only After A Huge applause From mostly people who knew who I was. I had never played through a microphone before. And it left a lasting impression on my memory. But that night taught me a lot in about 15 minutes. And I never will as long as I am alive forget it. I learned the power that music can have. And what courage it takes to get up and play in front of a crowd. And no matter how you sound in reality the way I now look at it. You are still a winner because you did it, For me it took the extra push to get me going, But been going over 30 years now. The first time was definitely the hardest.

And it really does not mater what you sound like, It Feels the same way, I’m grown now with a family I still play the harmonica, But took up the electric Bass Guitar while in my 20`s, And make my music life with it. But Like i said those memories will always be there, I have played to countless crowds of people now in my age, But still get that nervous feeling from time to time,And yes still feel like I must have left something in the truck I` ll be right back……… some times too.

Iron Maiden-

Iron Maiden-

It isn’t an understatement to say that Iron Maiden is now on a pedestal of its own. After more than three decades as a band, the group still manages to sell albums and and inspire numerous novice bands and performers.

To date, Iron Maiden is credited for having sold records numbering 75 million. Because of their enduring music and pronounced influence, they have been deemed worthy of occupying a spot on the Hollywood RockWalk. As proof of its widening scope of influence, the group continues to be notably featured in movies, games and songs by other artists.

Band History

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Iron Maiden especially when it comes to band lineups. Steve Harris started the group in 1975, taking the name from the iron maiden torture tool featured in The Man in the Iron Mask. Harris who is the bassist and studio keyboardist is joined by guitarist David Murray as the only two members who have endured the longest with the band.

Presently, band members include Bruce Dickinson on lead vocals who is joined by Janick Gers on guitar; Adrian Smith on backup vocals and guitar and Nicko McBrian on percussion and drums. Michael Kenney takes on the keyboards for live performances. Former members include Dennis Stratton, Dennis Wilcock, Paul Day, Paul Di’Anno, Clive Burr and Doug Sampson. As with many other bands, not all former members left in good standing with the group. Some had to be forced out or had to leave due to professional altercations.

Albums Released

Iron Maiden has had an outstanding thirty releases spanning more than three decades of their music career.Most people who listen to them are not even that old,30 years of recording is alot more than many other of the die hard bands, Of this number, fourteen are studio albums, four are EPs, five are compilations and seven are live Their work has led to the band’s inclusion in numerous charts and lists including the Ivor Novello Award for International Achievement, the VH1 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock and the MTV Top 10 Greatest Heavy Metal Bands of All Time.

Just to describe a few of the 14 studio albums released in the three-decade long career of Iron Maiden:

• Iron Maiden (1980)- This is the eponymous debut album of the band, which contains classics like The Phantom of the Opera, Sanctuary and, of course, Iron Maiden
• The Number of the Beast (1982)- Widely considered as one of the most influential albums in the heavy metal genre, it is also the band’s highest-selling album with worldwide sales of over 14 million, not to mention that this is also the debut of Bruce Dickinson as lead vocalist
• Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988)- Probably the most lyrical of the group’s body of work, it centers on topics like mysticism, prophecy, reincarnation and the afterlife
• The Final Frontier (2010)- This is the band’s latest and fifteenth album slated for release in late summer and is gearing up to be yet another reason to worship at the altar of the Iron Maiden

This band has totally stood the test of time, Nobody can deny that fact ..There is simply no way to sink Iron Maiden. With their outstanding work and huge following, it’s likely they will get enshrined in music immortality or at least in thousands of Musical minds all over the globe.

Venture Out And Play

Well I Played With My Mexican Buddies Again Last Nite, Sorry no film that I know of. But sure had a great time.

More fun this time around because I Already knew what T F  To expect,As i played with them one time b4

Anyway I Still advise to all players of any skill level explore other types of Music And Art.

It improves What you do as a musician every time you venture out.

here is a link to the type of music I did last night but not the same band  music mexicana