Less Expensive Bass Guitars

The Myth Of Less Expensive Bass Guitars

Many times I talk to younger Bass Players, Who are at least just a little frustrated about the quality of Bass Guitar they can afford to play or buy.

Many times these players believe they could play much better if they could afford a higher quality Bass Guitar. Usually these conclusions come from a time when they had a chance to play a high quality or expensive Bass someone let them try out.

And sometimes this may be true, Especially if their bass they currently have is really bad, Either because of shoddy craftsmanship, or damaged in some way.

And I agree trying to play a inferior bass guitar is very disappointing. But it does not have to be that way. I know by personal experience Very high quality well made Bass Guitars can be had at very affordable prices brand new.

I have been looking around alot, Its something I do. Cant help myself. We dont want to get into that part here, But  I do want to discuss what I know for a fact.

There are at least a hand full of companies that build and sell very well made bass`s at a price many would not  believe, Why ? Because many people just do not think of high quality well made Bass Guitars that sells brand new for less than 300 bucks. Im here to prove they do exsist.

The first Bass Guitar model im thinking about has been around forever, And i`ll admit they have had their ups and downs. But right now they are way up. Infact many top name pro musicians prefer this line of instruments over any other no matter the price.

The Basss Im talking about right now are The Squire Afinity  series Jazz Bass 5. These instruments are very well made, Will hold up to the rigors of a pro musician, Night after Night and look great doing it. And get this they sell for under 300 bucks fully loaded. In fact to better prove my point this one shown below is on sale right now for i think 229.00 american dollars. This I Found at Sam Ash music this instrument seller has been around forever, Very well trusted and stand up behind what they choose to sell.

And there are even more I`m going to show you another one from Sam Ash just because thats where we are right now.

This one is made by another great Bass Builder known for the best necks in the business that is non other than Ibanez. Here is the model they call the Talman Series it sells new from Sam Ash for 299.00 A great bass, Any Bass Player no matter the experience level would enjoy playing

I Mean just look at this thing its beautiful, I Know I would play that bass and love doing it.

Hope you learned something by this short article today and remember if you are looking for a less expensive bass guitar something that will enhance your playing not drag you down, It Can be done easy!


Here is another example from the Squire line this is the Vintage Modified Fretless P Bass it sells new for about 300 bucks its a great bass as your main bass or if you have been wanting to explore fretless but have held off because of the cost of buying a second bass.squire vintage fretless

Here is a perfect chance to make that jump. And at about 300 bucks the landing wont be hard at all squire fretless back

close up squire fretless

Try out these brands go to Sam Ash  or your local music store try them out then buy cheap at Sam Ash. look see just what they have available I`m sure you will be pleasantly surprised. They are often running online only special sales you might save even more or get free shipping, Or maybe some other incentive . Worth A try

And Remember

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