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Learn Your Bass Guitar Scales

Learn Your Bass Guitar Scales

As Bass Players we have a certain responsibility when playing with other musicians,

And That Is to furnish a great bass line that makes the listener want to hear more, And hold the song together, Plus set a tempo that moves the rest of the band along.

And if you are also the singer like so many bass players are, You need to add that to our list of duties while playing live music. Especially in today’s modern music ,

The role of the Bass Player has greatly expanded, From the relative comfort of playing the 1, 4 , 5 `s, or the single 8th notes that we all did back in the 60`s and Seventy`s.

Today’s Bass Players get little if any rest thru-out the song, like we used to enjoy for ease,  Or despise Because of boredom. That`s why they used to always say anyone can be the bass player.

Not Anymore.

Today`s music demands a highly skilled and talented Bass Player.

Sometimes We have to come up with catchy bass lines almost on the spot. Especially true if you do very much Jamming with strangers, Or music you have never heard or played before.

I was in a situation like this last week, Sitting in with a bunch of talented musicians at a open Jam,

That I got invited to come Join in the fun. We played You choose I choose method,

Where all musicians took turns picking the next tune to play,

This could have been a disaster trying to come up with bass-lines for songs that,

All I knew was the Key or root note. And it made me so happy I  had taken the time in the past to learn my Bass Scales.

And really if you know the key and a hint of the tempo, Your pretty much 3/4 of the way there.

That is if you know your Scales.

Many of You im sure know already there is a scale

Or a set of notes on the fret board for every key.

That when played  they all sound good together.

These notes sets are called Scales.

And we typically use about 12 of them, How Many are There ?  im not sure but alot of them.

But just knowing the Main 12 will usually get you by just fine.

Most scales have 8 notes and go from root to root a octave above.

So Learn and  Practice These scales for your bass guitar.

They will no doubt come in handy many times over in your music playing career.

I Know they have saved me tons of embarrassment over the years.

Now here is a link where you can learn much more about scales

And much other musical info for players,

This is not a affiliate link And im getting nothing for sending you there,

Some people get all bent out of shape if they think we are earning money off some info.

But thats not the case ,

I`m just trying to help players learn as easy as possible

And I find this page to be helpful in that regard ,

The site owners do not even know im sending them traffic.

So Rest assured no money made here The Link