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Kustom 250 Bass Amp

Kustom 250 Bass Amp[tuck-n-roll] – $500

Date: 2011-06-24

Kustom 250 Bass Amp

….Vintage Kustom Black Tuck-n-Roll 250 Bass Amplifier.

AMP….. K-250-1 model, serial number#86144, Two channels,both work clear and strong Four inputs.All original knobs and controls intact and working.

Cabinet….. model 1-18-B, serial# 45119, “Folded Horn” style,all original and intact. Has original casters and handles,rolls smooth.

This unit was the top of the line in it’s day,and is still in amazing shape for it’s age. Has been in my posession for over 30 years,never abused.

THIS AMP IS VERY LOUD , POWERFUL , AND HEAVY 60″ tall x 24″wide x 18″ deep

Kustom 250 Bass AmpKustom 250 Bass Amp