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[:en]Kala Moghogany U Bass[:]


Kala U bass Uke


Kala solid mahogany U-Bass, fretted, excellent condition. Comes with foam hardshell case, also in excellent condition. Original model with passive electronics, Kala original strings, strap button, without built-in EQ and tuner. Plays nicely


These Kala Uke Bass`s are awesome we reviewed these way back when they were first coming into popularity here is a little introduction from the Kala Official Owners Manual :Kala U-Bass! You are
about to embark on a new musical journey with this portable yet
powerful instrument. It is our goal to provide you with a versatile
new bass instrument that is capable of producing remarkable
bottom end in live and studio applications. The heart of the U-Bass
tone lies in its polyurethane strings in conjunction with its size (20
inch scale length) and a pickup system that creates a sound that is
both traditional and progressive, and fun to play. Coupled with a
high quality amplification or recording system, the applications for
the U-Bass are limited only to your imagination. kalaubasspic3kalaubass4These Little Power Houses of the lower end of the sound spectrum sell new for about 550.00 sometimes you can get one on sale ,Or used like this one here which just sold for 250.00[:]