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Jerzy Drozd bass

Jerzy Drozd signature high end custom 5 string bass – $5300

Date: 2011-06-19

This is a Jerzy Drozd bass in absolutely MINT condition. It truly looks brand new. I could find NO nicks dings or scratches on it. It is the signature version which
means it has A LOT of high end exotic woods and is neck thru body instead of bolt on neck. If you are reading this you know about them and that they are extremely
rare and made in Spain. You would have to pay about 300.00 in “duty taxes” and another 250.00 to ship it here. Active 3 band eq with scrolling pickup selector gives
you ANY tone & sound you want. 13 piece neck with double truss rod gives ultimate stability. Unique bridge and ultra high gloss finish looks very high end. 7 piece
body has laminates all the way thru with exotic HIGHLY figured spalted maple top. I think the black is figured walnut but not sure. There is a lot of purpleheart and
bubinga in the neck which is vintage flamed. Knobs are wooden with matching wood on pickups. The only thing I didn’t like was that it was hard to see the side dots
when I played 3 times on a dark stage so I put some nail polish to define the dots. You can remove them but won want to. Strings are very dead since it has been sitting
in my smoke free closet so I will give you a set of new Marcus Miller fat beam strings. get on their website to see there quality Also comes with Drozd case.
5300.00 I can send more pics if you want.Jerzy Drozd bass Jerzy Drozd bass Jerzy Drozd bass Jerzy Drozd bass