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Ibanez 5 string Bass SG SRX-705

 Ibanez 5 string Bass SG SRX-705- $550

Date: 2012-03-23

Ibanez 5 string Bass SG SRX-705

Sweet neckthru bass.
Light Ash body with maple neck.
No scratches or dings.
Passive Alnico Humbucker pickups. Big growl.
Active Preamp
Original case is in showroom condition.
GC has the case for sale 129.99

This is the bass that Killswitch Engaged bassist used. If you like that tone this is it.

Xtreme Series Ibanez SG SRX-705

Product Description

Ibanez SRX705 5-String Electric Bass Guitar
The SRX705 is loaded with features and designed for heavy rock players who want to spend their time playing – not setting up their bass! It features neck-thru construction, a light ash body, and a massive Accu-Cast B205 bridge – a combination that delivers big tone and ringing sustain. Its PFR pickups and EQB-IIDX electronics are also remarkable. The Passive Full Range pickups feature powerful output with added low mids for incredible punch. The EQB electronics include active 2-band EQ for complete tone control. Another outstanding Ibanez value.

SRX Soundgear Xtreme basses were designed for players who want an easy-to-play bass with simple controls and ‘beyond massive’ pickups that can pump out loud, heavy rock. Period.

SRX Series Features

Powerful and simple. Designed for the heavy rock bassist.

Super high output Passive Full Range Pickups with exposed pole pieces give a new meaning to the word loud.

Simple to operate 2-band EQ or PHAT II active bass boost. So you play more bass and less with the tone controls.

Ibanez SoundGear bass900fm

Ibanez SoundGear bass in very good condition. Some minor scratches nothing major at all. Active electronics. Very comfortable neck. Sounds very big and fat. Made in Japan. F serial number = made at Fujigen factory

Editors Notes: Not Much info sent to us on this Bass No Model Numbers maybe someone will have some first hand information on this bass Its Very Nice Looking ….

ibanez 900 ibanez japan2

Ibanez SR605 5-string Bass Guitar

Ibanez SR605 5-string bass, ash body, Bartolini electronics, lightweight. I bought this Brand new about a year and a half ago and I don’t think it’s ever left my house. Great condition, plays great, looks great, sounds great, well balanced, I just have yet to find a use for it. Thought I needed a 5-string, but I guess not so much. These go for $700 new so A fair deal I believe At

Ibanez electric bass SRX500

electric bass Ibanez SRX500 w/ Crate BT 15 Watt 8″ bass amp and case – $375

Date: 2011-06-19

Ibanez electric bass SRX500
I’m looking for a good home for some stuff I bought about 5 years ago. I’m willing to negotiate on the prices.

SRX500 SDGR Soundgear by Ibanez electric bass – $300.00

Hard bass case – $50.00

Crate BT 15 Watt 8″ bass amp -$50.00

whole thing for $375.00

Ibanez electric bass SRX500

Ibanez electric bass SRX500

Ibanez Soundgear 5 string fretless

Ibanez Soundgear 5 string fretless

Mike Lipe L.A Custom shop 5 string fretless – $2000

This is a 1994 Ibanez Soundgear 5 string fretless made by Mike Lipe. He does many of the Custom shop guitars for Ibanez. This bass is in great shape, the fingerboard is in great shape with minimal wear. The bass plays great! There are some cosmetic flaws, but nothing that affects the sound or playability of the bass. There has been some modifications and upgrades to the bass. The stock pickup has been swapped out for a Bass Lines Humbucker and a Aguilar OBP-3SK preamp has been installed in the bass. Also a finger ramp has been placed leading up to the neck. I spoke to Mike Lipe about a week ago and he said that someone paid at least $3000 for this bass on an artist endorsement. I’m asking for $2000, this bass plays solid and has a few hundred dollars in upgraded parts, and will fit someones repertoire very well.Ibanez Soundgear 5 string fretlessIbanez Soundgear 5 string fretless

Ibanez ATK 5 string bass

Ibanez ATK 5 string Bass FT – $250

Date: 2011-06-18

Barely used Ibanez ATK 5 string bass. For sale or trade. Active pickup. Nearly Perfect condition. Comes with gig bag.

Willing to trade for MIM telecaster or stratocaster, vocal effects processor,vocal preamp, wah, volume pedal, keyboard/synth, or a resonator guitar in decent shape.Ibanez ATK 5 string bassIbanez ATK 5 string bass