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Ibanez Acoustic/Electric Bass

Ibanez Acoustic/Electric Bass – $550

Date: 2011-06-18

Ibanez Acoustic/Electric Bass 550.00ibanez acoustic electric bass


This is an Ibanez acoustic-electric bass I bought a few years ago. This baby is in mint condition. No scratches on the finish, or even then case for that matter. Plays really nice, has a very unique sound. If you were ever thinking of buying an acoustic/electric I’d recommend this one over the cheaper Dean’s and what not. It’s really just built nice and solid. Hard shell case included.

Features: 5-string, fishman onboard preamp (made sure there was not battery leakage), built in tuner, 1/4 and XLR parallel outputs, natural dark walnut finish (I believe they discontinued this option). Acoustic sound is reasonably loud, but obviously not as loud as a normal acoustic guitar. Ask me if you want more specifics.

Overall it’s been a great instrument, but I’ve moved away from the style of music I bought it for and I’d rather some else enjoy it. I paid $550 for it brand new, plus another $130 for the case (PS: it’s the ONLY case this bass will fit into), and then something more for the shipping. And had to wait like a month on back order and then longer because they sent me the wrong thing. I think given the condition $550 is a reasonable asking price. Your basically getting a brand new instrument and case here, no wait, no hassle, and you can come try it out first.