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Hartke Bass Amp


Date: 2010-07-02,


I have a Hartke Bass Amp
It is 120 watts
Monitor Capable
Kick back 12
10 inch speaker
Asking $250
This Little Amp Made Me Take A Closer Look At What
Hartke Had To Offer, So I Copied Some Info Off The Internets
This Is 349.00 New…………………………………………
Kick Back W/12 INCH Speaker
This One above Is $699.00  new 4/12 s
This 4/10 cabinet is $ 599.00 new.
Everyone I Have talked to loves thier Hartke Amp For Great Sound .Reliability, And Most Of All
Cheap Price. And Even I play through a Hartke Amp Head, I Have Had Mine For Years And Its Never Let Me Down  Never. One Thing I Will say about the Hartke At Least Mine It Keeps You Honest,
Because It Seems Like It Picks Up Everything, Your Bass Playing  Has To Be REAL CLEAN.
If not,  Everybody will hear your flubs for sure.