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————GUILD BASS **!RARE GUITAR!** $1350 firm

Date: 2011-06-09

Everything is still 100% original on the guitar and the hard shell case.Theres no dents,dings,gouges or repairs on it, all electronics work perfectly. The frets are in great shape, the neck is straight, action low, and the bass plays and sounds great.Because of its rarity, I was having a little trouble looking it up because of the “A”after the 302. Here’s a little paragraph I found that pretty much gives the basic info on this bass.

***From 1978 to 1981 Guild manufactured the B302A. It was almost identical to the B302, but t his one had a solid body that was made from ash. Ash is known for producin more highs than the traditional mahogany body. Guild was trying to compete with rivals Gibson and Fender. This line of vintage guild electric bass guitars was not as popular and was discontinued after only three years and production.
Today is a different story. If you find one in good condition, then you can bet you will pay much more than the original retail price. They are usually available at auction and there are always plenty of bidders.***