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This a vintage 1972-73 Gibson EB-4L in excellent condition. serial # 904909 puts it at early 71-73 from my research on Gibsons serial number identification site. no major chips or dings except for a few that are hard to photo. no buckle rash to speak of. This Gibson is in excellent condition and comes with the original early 70’s HSC. can take more pics if buyer interested.The short-lived Gibson EB-4L was launched in 1972, only selling in moderate numbers in 1973. It gets pride of place in the 1972 Bass Place catalogue with a 2 page spread (compared to half a page for other models). The main feature was the new switchable pickup design; the EB4L super-humbucker actually contains 4 coils, one around each pole.
The above bass is fitted with chrome-plated hardware throughout: Schaller M4-Smachine heads, three-point bridge, with cover, witch hat knobs and decal logo – typical fittings for all but the earliest EB4Ls.

Other 1000 EB4Ls were manufactured, 93% in 1973 (see EB4L shipping totals). They were available in the usual early seventies bass colours, cherry, and walnut, though one was shipped in ebony in 1975. The EB4L shared the fate of the EB0 and EB3; all three had terrible sales from 1974, and the last instruments were shipped in 1979 This Gibson is in excellent condition. serious inquires please. 1100.00