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Fender / Sunn T50c Amp.

Fender / Sunn T50c Amp. – $600


This amazing amp is in like new condition, a (9) out of (10) 10 being new in the box. It has been stored for 4 years since I had it serviced , All Service Musical Electronics Repair. It has never left my home or been gigged with. Excellent condition— $600.00 obo. Bright and clean or down and dirty, nice SRV sound. The following was taken from Harmony Central Review and Pro Audio Review.
The Sunn T50c is a 50 watt, all tube design amplifier that features one 12” Celestion G12 T75 speaker. There are two channels, Normal and Drive, and a tube driven effects loop with independent send and return levels for each channel. The on-board spring reverb effect can be used with both channels. Controls for each channel include treble, middle, and bass, while the drive channel has the additional gain and presence controls.
If using the T50c to power an external cabinet, which is possible with its external speaker-out line, the T50c can run at three different, manually adjustable settings of either 16, 8, or 4 ohm to best match the specifications of the cabinet. There is also main amp-out and external amp-in lines so that the T50c can function as either a “host” or a “slave” amplifier.
The T50c has tuned, semi-sealed cabinet design. This allows the amp to project like an open back cabinet would, while also giving off the bass response of a sealed cabinet.
Additional features of the T50c include a power tube failure indicator and external bias adjustment points. A three-button foot switch for channel select, effects and reverb is included. MSRP in 2000 was $1699.99.
The tube complement includes 2-6L6GC and 6-12AX7s and a 12AT7. The amp is built like a tank at 75 pounds with a massive transformer.
I Never talked to this guy but wonder why he calls it a Fender/Sunn?FENDER- SUNNFS2