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The Subject of Squires

The Subject of Squires

Fender Squires are becoming real popular again and because the quality has greatly improved .

Over the last 10 years or so the Squires have took off again among pro musicians. Alot like the success they experienced in the 80`s when they were made in Japan, This class of squires have great sound.

With many changing out the hardware supplied by the top names in the business like “duncan” or “Basslines” or EMG`S, These Bass`s are very playable . And some pro musicians are requesting only the Squire brand. Lets take a look at a few Squire Bass`s.

Fender Squier Bass VI w/ upgrades


AKA the “Paladin”. In excellent condition and plays like a dream. Has an upgraded Staytrem bridge ($100 value) to fix all intonation and buzzing problems with these models. Also has new waterslide “Paladin” headstock logo. Classy. The strings on it are much heavier gauge than the stock strings to give support for actual bass playing. Strong player!


Not really what I call a True Bass Guitar but Some Do


squire52 squire51


next Custom Squire Bass

I have for sale a custom Squire Bass that has been repainted with a flat black white frost finish.
It has new electronics including pickups, pick guard and volume knobs.

This one is A P Bass customized some what but I do not think changing the headstock and the color affects the sound much. But The pickups would.

squire p1

Regular Squire P-bass

Blackish/purple color, aged pick guard. Black knobs. Changed the capacitor to a .05 for a cleaner tone sweep. Sounds way nicer than it did before. The bass is a 1999

regularsquire1 regularsquire2 Fender Squire Precision Bass guitar P Bass2 Fender Squire Precision Bass guitar P Bass Fender Squire Precision Bass guitar P Bass3


Fender / Squire Baritone Jazzmaster
fender / squire baritone jazzmaster
Early To tell you much
only played it 3 or 4 times.
30” scale neck baritone or bass 6
rare finish , semore duncan pick ups , just set up , really fun guitar with many possibilities, plays great and sounds super rad!
dont let the squire thing put you off. in my opion this model is far better than the new danelectro or telecaster or what have yuh.
$320 OBO
Again in my opinion not really what i call a true bass



Well there is a quick look at a few Squire Bass Guitars

We will not doubt see alot more of these comeback bass`s they have stood the test of time for sure.

P.S. Be sure to check the Squire Jag Below