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Fender P Bass

Fender Precision Bass, Boss distortion Peddle NEW Strings and cleaned – $350

Date: 2010-08-18


For Sale. One Fender Precision Bass Guitar. It was made in Mexico and based on the research I have done was made around 1992-1993. Also, one Boss Distortion peddle. Two guitar cables one approx 2ft long and one approx 20 ft long. And a Gig Bag for the Bass. $350

Fender American P-Bass

Fender American P-Bass – $850

Date: 2011-12-31

I am selling my US handbuilt Fender 62 vintage reissue precision bass.

This is a 43″ scale, bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard.

It has an Alder body, sunburst high gloss finish, and tortoise shell style pickguard.

The pickups are the passive Fender vintage “P” type and the bass has that classic 1960’s feel.

Comes with vintage style hardcase.

I have the original receipt from where I bought it


61 Fender Bass Guitar


Original Vintage 1961 Fender Stack Knob Jazz – $15000

Date: 2010-08-07

1961 Fender stack knob Jazz Bass is 100% original, Original Fender brown case and strap are included.If this Bass Could Talk We Would All Listen…Must Sell this week. $15,000

Editors Note :::::::::::: I WAS JUST ON Sweetwaters website looking around and they have those customers ads that they let people post for free, And I Saw a fender bass it said made in 1960 it sure looks alot like this bass above,But The one above claims it was made in 1961 here is what the ad on sweetwater said “Fender 1960 Jazz Bass with Stack Knobs (Used)$15,500 or best reasonable offer
1960 Jazz Bass guitar in excellent playing condition. Must sell in next 72 hours. Accepting all offers for considerati…” And The Picture is down below. Funny How They Both Say in a hurry to sell, same finish same pickguard just no chrome hardware on this second one(below) and the thumb rest or finger rest is missing, Its a different bass without the pickup cover and the bridge cover you notice the one below is same model 1 year older but both are right at $15,000.00 One is in Oregon One Is in North Carolina.The bass above has just 1 pickup i guess under the cover, The Bass Below obviously Has 2 Jazz pickups.Which One Would You Prefer? That is of course if you were going to spend 15 grand on a used Bass Guitar ?

2004 MIM Fender Deluxe P bass Special

2004 MIM Fender Deluxe P bass Special

Fender P bass Special (active) – $450

Pristine example of a 2004 MIM Fender Deluxe P bass Special, ( Editors Note : Notice see the P/J Pickup setup?and on some stacked pots, This is what sets apart the specials and or delux models of p bass~s and Jazz Bass`s that have either of those two words in the name on the headstock ) end note:- active Noisless pups. Very lightly used and well cared for – this is our church’s bass, and only occasionally used as a back-up, as most of our players have their own. We’re now in need of a passive bass. Comes with original owners manual, adjustment tools and gig bag. ONLY possible trade (with cash to match value) might be a Fender Standard P bass – 4 string, passive, with maple neck. Otherwise asking 450 obo, great price – they go for 650 new, and this one is seriously like new. The maple neck is harder to find too.

’98 Fender P-Bass Special USA

’98 Fender P-Bass Special USA – $800

Date: 2012-03-22

Precision Bass Body (Alder) Black Lacquer
Jazz Bass Neck (Maple) Antique Satin
Precision & Jazz Pick-ups (EMG Active)
Badass Bridge and a Hard Shell Case
New Battery, Pick Guard, & Knobs