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Fender American P-Bass

Fender American P-Bass – $850

Date: 2011-12-31

I am selling my US handbuilt Fender 62 vintage reissue precision bass.

This is a 43″ scale, bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard.

It has an Alder body, sunburst high gloss finish, and tortoise shell style pickguard.

The pickups are the passive Fender vintage “P” type and the bass has that classic 1960’s feel.

Comes with vintage style hardcase.

I have the original receipt from where I bought it


De-fretted/Fretless 5 String Fender Jazz Bass

De-fretted/Fretless 5 String Fender Jazz Bass

bought this bass in 2000 and later had it de-fretted at Doyle’s Broadway Music in Boise, ID in 2004. There are fretmarkers in place of the frets. I’ve used roundwound strings on the bass ever since I had it de-fretted, so there is a little wear on the neck. I have just gotten the bass professionally set up by Portland bass luthier David King and have put on brand new Ernie Ball Super Slinky roundwound bass strings.

There are a few dings and chips from over a decade of use, but the majority of the bass still looks great. The bass is a bit heavy, but I’d say it’s worth it just to have a five string fretless! There is still some buzz on the A and D strings past the 16th fret.

Anyways, the bass is far from perfect, but it’d be perfect for someone that wants to mess around on a fretless bass and get their fretless chops together. Plus it’s a 5 string and looks beautiful! I had it de-fretted when I was younger so I could play a bunch of Primus songs and you can definitely get that Les Claypool sound out of this bass

’98 Fender P-Bass Special USA

’98 Fender P-Bass Special USA – $800

Date: 2012-03-22

Precision Bass Body (Alder) Black Lacquer
Jazz Bass Neck (Maple) Antique Satin
Precision & Jazz Pick-ups (EMG Active)
Badass Bridge and a Hard Shell Case
New Battery, Pick Guard, & Knobs



Vintage Fender P Bass

Vintage Fender P Bass – $1500

Date: 2011-07-02

Vintage Fender P Bass

For sale is my late 70’s Fender P bass. Ash body, maple neck & fingerboard classic P bass tone.

Using the standard Fender dating techniques (pots, neck stamp, serial number, pickups) the bass is a 78 or 79. It’s completely stock, in great shape and has recently been set up with Chromes so it sounds fat and thumpy. It is missing the original case (broken beyond repair before I bought it) as well as the thumb rest and pickup cover (which I have replaced with the new one). I bought the bass from the original owner four years ago and gigged with it for a while. I’ve also done a but of recording with it. Be confident that is has been treated very well.

I’m not interested in too many trades but would consider a couple of scenarios:
1) Fender American Vintage Reissue P bass + some cash.
2) Godin A4 Fretless + some cash.

Vintage Fender P Bass Vintage Fender P Bass Vintage Fender P Bass Editors Note : Personally I Own 3 Precision Bass`s But I Do Not have one with the Maple FretBoard, I  Like The Look.