Fender American P-Bass

Fender American P-Bass – $850

Date: 2011-12-31

I am selling my US handbuilt Fender 62 vintage reissue precision bass.

This is a 43″ scale, bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard.

It has an Alder body, sunburst high gloss finish, and tortoise shell style pickguard.

The pickups are the passive Fender vintage “P” type and the bass has that classic 1960’s feel.

Comes with vintage style hardcase.

I have the original receipt from where I bought it .

62 p bass reissue



Fender P Bass 1962

The world’s most beautiful Precision bass? – $600

Date: 2011-05-15

Fender P Bass 1962

Three years ago I built this bass entirely from parts, to match the vision I had in my head for The Perfect Precision bass. And, IMHO, I succeeded brilliantly. 😉

All of the parts were acquired online, mostly through eBay. If you’re familiar with STRATosphere, this guy buys complete guitars and basses and parts them out for a profit. The body, neck, tuners and bridge came from him, the rest of the parts from elsewhere. The only part that wasn’t new is the anodized gold pickguard, which has a bit of mojo.

Every piece was selected individually; in some cases (the neck in particular), I waited weeks or even months for the right specimen to come up. The body is a Crafted in Japan ’62 reissue, in Old Lake Placid Blue. The neck and tuners are from a CIJ ’57 reissue. The pickguard and threaded bridge are MIA ’57 reissue. The pickups are Fender “Original” ’62 P bass replacement pickups. The strings are GHS Precision flats; there’s no wear to speak of on the vintage-style frets.

As you can see from the photos, I completely shielded the control and pickup cavities with copper foil. The wire is all vintage cloth-covered. I routed a notch out of the body at the heel of the neck for making trussrod adjustments (not visible with the pickguard on). The capacitor is a garden-variety .22 (IIRC) from Radio Shack; a possible upgrade would be an Orange Drop or somesuch.

The bass is in immaculate shape. There’s one tiny ding on the back, a couple inches from the neck plate. Otherwise, only the pickguard shows any signs of wear. I also have the matching pickup cover and screws. The bass looks *awesome* with it on, but I couldn’t play with it on.

So why am I selling if it’s so awesome? Because I gig exclusively with a five-string, and this one just doesn’t get played any more.








Fender “Originals” ’62 reissue pickups. You can see the raised pole pieces. I’ve put clear packing tape over the poles for the E string (visible in the top three photos) to avoid the pop that happens when I dig in a bit too hard and the string hits the poles.