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Fender P-bass 58

Fender P-bass 1958 p58.1 p58.2

This is a parts bass assembled with 100 percent Fender parts carefully selected and aged to resemble a 1958 Precision bass played in a thousand bar rooms. The pickups are real 1966 Fender grey-bottoms, giving this bass an incredible sound. 66 Fender bass pickups are hard to find and expensive, up to half what I am asking for this bass. Currently Fender P-bass pickups in this age range are selling for a grand or better.

A new Fender anodized pickguard will be purchased by the seller for the buyer who does not like the aged look of the guard pictured with the bass.

The body is a Fender American Special and is hand-stained alder. These bodies sold separately are very difficult to find. It is intended for this body to have the look of a 1958 body that has been stripped of its sunburst finish.

The neck is from a Road Worn Precision bass. These necks sold separately go for around $380. It is a C-width and is slim front to back.

This bass will work for all ages but was especially put together for the semi or professional musician.

The bass is extremely lightweight and records like a dream.

p58.3 p58.4 p58.5