Editors notes: Sorry About the pics its all we got.

bestinbassguitars.comFretless Jazz Basses are hardly seen because there are a few elite professionals that use them and for special application.  Elvis wouldn’t leave home without one and neither would any of the modern jazz artist or country.  Rockabilly is big with the up right bass there are so many forms of music but in my opinion only one type of bass player.  A professional.  And to learn one, you have to dive in and buy one and only that one.  That’s how I learned how to play this Fender MIJ Jazz Bass made in the Fuji Gen Gakki (Factory) in the late 90’s when I was going through martial problems cut my second album and a band wanted me to play a versatile dress/up music act from the 50’s, Elvis, Pop, and Rock.  We dressed from Leather and high rolls to Beatle Hippie wear.  Played in top clubs and weddings. No bar gigs and you won’t find many Fretless basses there.. They’re Class. This one is the best I’ve ever played starting in high school while in my first Rock band fooling around with the one in the music room I was attracted instantly. There is no bass sound that can imitate an Up Right Bass except the engineering of the Japanese at Fuji Gen.  I’ve never seen one built with such quality just like there cars, camera’s, electronics down to Nippon computer chips in every piece of hardware you own from MP3 players to Laptops Japan is in there, even if now they are made in China.  This Bass is hard for me to rid of but I have to learn to part and ask more reasonable prices.. My wife is saying I’m putting the prices high on spite.. How do they know.  The Flat bed on this Fretless Fender MIJ E series Fretless bass is in gorgeous condition except for one small spot.  Right on the side of the E string down by the 14th fret.. ha ha gotcha.. they are there if you look at the dots provided on top of the neck it’s not hard at all.  If your even a decent bass player you will be a pro in two weeks practicing on this bass.  And what keeps you going is the sound.  Look at the fullness of the pickups, these aren’t quarter pounders.  They’re half pounders.  I was the first one to crack open this bass to inspect everything before I put it up for sale.  I put a wrap around the coil wires so if anyone ever did go in they would not accident touch the coils. Picture number 5.   The engineering of sound between the whines of the P pups and the Jazz pickup are great, with the switch to turn on either or or both with a TBX Tone controller the mix between the two worlds gives this bass a thump and a jump and sound a real Up Right Bass has.. You will be amazed as you play with the sound levels, the first Volume Knob controlling the P Pickups the second Volume knob controlling the J Pickup, and the third is a TBX sound shaper with detent middle for a neutral balance between high and low Eq’s.  TBX Tone control look at picture number 6 all Gotoh electronics made in Japan like your computers and cameras were in the 80’s the three way switch 2 Volumes One TBX Tone Controller.  Everything is Authentic Original as you can see the matching numbered Neck and body. I carefully unscrewed and screwed everything, touched everything and cleaned (didn’t need much cleaning) All original right out of Fuji Gen’s Gakki..  The thickness of the flat board and the intonation is perfect as well as the neck as you can see I took more pictures of the neck then anything.  That is what you live with.. And this sustained original finish on this professional instrument is perfect.  I love the Black Gotoh Big Plate tuners on the head stock, easy staying tuning.  The Deep, Deep sound of the two full wired coiled P pickup will thump you while mixing the higher gain middle Jazz pickup that makes it’s own deput when adjusted right with the TBX tone controller that is not just a Treble and Bass adder But an actual Sound Hertz EQ system developed by the Japanese to add without taking away whether it’s lower end or higher end EQ, you can get that perfect sound.  I don’t have a Hard shell case for this bass any more because I retired her years ago and hung her up in a humid controlled envirerment with the rest of my collections.  The case did it’s job and a friend of mine needed one so I thought, what the heck, I let him have it.. I do have a nice Fender gig bag and for the price this is going your can afford a new case it deserves.  You won’t be disappointed.