Fender Jazz Bass Made In Japan

Fender Jazz Bass MIJ – $650 

Date: 2011-11-27


Geddy Lee- Set up nicely , fast slim maple neck.
Professionally set up with low action. Crafted in Japan with gig bag.
Good condition!Fender Jazz Bass Made In Japan
Fender Jazz Bass Made In JapanFender Jazz Bass Made In Japan

Fender Jazz Bass MIM

Fender Jazz Bass MIM

2001 Fender Jazz bass MIM with serious upgrades upgrades… Badass II bridge – best there is.  It has Seymour Duncan SJB -1b & 1n pickups. These are the Vintage models they call Basslines now which include the 2 hot, and the 3(quarter pounder) in this same series of true single coil Jazz pickups. Don’t be fooled… These pickups, while “vintage” single coils are much stronger than any Fender pickup in Mexican and American Jazz basses. DC resistance is 9.2k on neck and 9.5k for the bridge.  http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/bass/pickups-for-jaz/4string/sjb1_vintage_fo/
Click on tone chart link on this page and scroll down to Bassline Passive 4 string for  Jazz Bass… All specs are there and you can hear and compare to others. I can say this: I went to a few shops and was coming home with a Fender Jazz Bass that day no question. I tried brand new American Standards, MIM & MIJ 60’s, 70’s models, road worn, even a USA ’62 AVRI. I didn’t even know this one had the Duncans in it, I just know it growled it’s way home with me. It really blew away side by side comparisons, A/B ing back n forth. I recently bought a MIJ Fretless Jazz and can’t put it down and before that got a banged up MIM P Bass for super cheap as a back up(also had a Basslines 1/4 pounder in it) and that thing is a beast!!l, I’ve got the power side and finesse side covered. And need the money of course. Brand new Parchment (allparts) pickguard which looks classy in a way… I will include  black guard it came with.