Some Fender Bass`s

1976 fender p bass I Know there are tons of fender bass`s around but I never get tired of checking them out, Especially the vintage ones.

So I thought it would be fun today to go thru my thousands of files and check out some Fenders.

First is a

Fender USA 2015 American Deluxe 5-String Jazz Bass

american 5 jazz

This bass  was new in 2015 not too long ago, but it has been played only a handful of times at jams. It is in practically brand new condition and still has all of the case swag. Comes with the case and original strap w/ stock strap locks Made in U.S.A. You could set these up with either the high C as the fifth string or go low with the B as the fifth string5 string jazz in case  Looks great in sunburst gotta love it.headstock fender jazz 5


Next We Have

The Fender Deluxe Active J Bass Special

A Classic Bass for serious players. A work horse, to say the least. A smooth Maple finger board allows for easy fluid neck motion and an irresistable aesthetic. Come pluck around on it!

Active j

is packed with a pair of dual-coil ceramic Noiseless J-style pickups, delivering classic Jazz Bass punch and growl, but without the hum and buzz. A 3-band active EQ yields lots of modern sound-shaping options, but an active/passive switch ensures that vintage tones are comfortably within your reach.

backside activej

Even the back side looks beautiful

A pan pot allows for precision blending of the pickups. Finished with comfortable satin polyurethane, the Deluxe Active J Bass Special’s cozy C-shaped neck is a joy to play, and its HiMass bridge exhibits excellent resonance and sustain.


1976 Fender P Bass


1976 fender p bass@bestinbassguitars.comneck plate 76 pbass

Bet this thing is smooth as silk too

76 fender p bass neck

Fender Five String Jazz Bass

Fender Five String Jazz Bass – $550

Date: 2012-04-04

Standard Deluxe J-Bass (around 1997 – 1999 year & make — was purchased in 1999) with active electronics (does not have active-to-passive switching option), softshell nylon Fender case, ‘like new’ condition used mostly in-studio for recording. Plays well, has good tone, needs strings but otherwise no ‘dead’ spots on the neck. Was initially set up by Twelfth Fret and has been meticulously maintained for the duration of its life. No dings, scratches, dents, etc., neck is perfect, maintains perfect tuning, etc. Yes, it is Mexican built, but a genuine pro model Fender 5 string J-Bass nonetheless.