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Fender Bass V1

The Old Fashioned Fender Bass 6 Its Leo Fenders version of a Baritone 6 String Sort Of, At least it started out that way.
For This Rare Guitar By Fender ,They only made about 750 – 800 of these Between about 1961 up to About 1970.
Basically they are what modern guitar players call just a Baritone 6 String Guitar. But These Fender Bass Vl were special
they are actually a whole octave lower than a standard 6 string guitar. Just Like A Regular Bass Guitar. The thinnest string
Being .025 thickness Where as a Six-String Guitar usually have a high E String at about .010 thickness.

The neck length is just between a Bass And A Guitar makes it kinda awkward, And The Sound is of mixed tones between the two. The lowest note being low E Same as bass But The Highest note not as high as a regular guitar, Due To The .025 string. And 1 Octave down tuning.

John Lennon And George Harrison Both Played One Of These 6 String Bass Guitars On Most Of the Abby Road Album.
When you first see one or pick one up you will be thinking Jaguar, But When you hear the Bass Tone you will freak out.
The 30 Inch Scale size neck does make for easy playing if you are a Bass Player. And The Different sounds you can get will Really Surprise you. You Will Think The Band Cream is Playing.You can find these on the used market from time to time, You can put in a standing search on ebay to be notified if one gets listed. Probably expect to pay from the low end $450.00 to a prime condition unit up to $1200.00. But they never lose their value ,if kept in nice condition. A fun experience I Recommend for any Player who likes some variety in playing other instruments,And it helps Get the Creative juices flowing to pick up a easy playing instrument like this for a bit.